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Gates in India: Whats the bottom line?

NEW DELHI – Capitalist entrepreneur Bill Gates was in India at the beginning of Nov. His much-publicized India tour got no attention among poverty-stricken rural masses, but Indian political leadership, excluding the left, and business magnates have celebrated it as a big carnival.

We can stop the war thousands cry

PHILADELPHIA – Nearly 3,000 people gathered here Nov. 3 to march and rally against a war on Iraq. “We Must Stop the War! We Can Stop the War!,” shouted the crowd who carried mostly homemade signs. Philadelphia Regional Anti-War Network (PRAWN), a coalition of veterans, women’s and peace groups, students, union members, religious congregations, senior citizens and others, organized the demonstration.

PWW Fund Drive: Brazilian elections celebrated with U.S. speaking tour

Join the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo for a celebration of the Workers’ Party election victory, with Luis Fernandes, director of the Rio de Janeiro State Government Foundation for the Endowment of Scientific and Technological (FAPERJ), who will be touring in cities from Boston to Los Angeles, December 9-15.

PWW Phone-a-thon: Telemarketing for a cause!

So many of us dread those supper-time phone calls that have become a mainstay of capitalism: telemarketing. But let’s face it, every once in a while they may catch us by surprise with a good deal! And one is about to come your way.

Young Communists march to stop war

ROSEMONT, Ill. – Chanting “No blood for oil,” “We’re fired up, can’t take it no more,” 150 participants in the Young Communist League (YCL) convention here held a spirited roadside march and rally, Nov. 23, opposing war on Iraq. The action drew frequent honks of support from passing motorists along the busy suburban road near the YCL’s convention hall.

Union urges boycott of City Cinema theaters

NEW YORK – Union Local 306 of International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), which represents about 1,500 theater workers in the New York City area, is urging moviegoers to boycott City Cinema Theaters to protest their plan to eliminate union projectionists and replace them with untrained non-union personnel.

National Clips

Washington, D.C.: U.S. health care system is in crisis / Baltimore: African Americans remain locked out of banking / Somerset, Pa.: Quecreek miners say TV movie painful but real / Birmingham, Ala.: Working families on the street / New York: Subway workers killed on the job

UFCW wins against Safeway

CHICAGO – United Food and Commercial Workers union Locals 881 and 1546, representing 9,000 employees from more than a hundred Dominick’s Food Stores ratified a contract, Nov. 24, after months of tense negotiations.

Young Communist League meet: Lively, diverse, activist

SCHILLER PARK, Ill. – The Young Communist League (YCL) 7th National Convention here brought together a diverse group of 158 activist youth from communities and campuses around the country Nov. 22-24 for a lively weekend of discussions, workshops, poetry, music and dance. The event’s focus was on action and struggle around the convention theme: “Youth and labor unite for peace, equality, jobs, education and socialism.”

ILWU to vote on landmark pact

LOS ANGELES – Beating back an effort by employers to bust their union, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union reached a tentative agreement with the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) last week.

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