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The economy: Nothing to remain silent about

Nearly two months have passed since President Bush hosted an “economic summit” – a flop the People’s Weekly World headlined as “all show and no go.” As events have since shown, we may have understated the case:

International notes

Brazil: Lula takes big lead / Dockers: Int’l support grows / China: Gov’t to protect Yangtze River / Cuba: Hurricanes cause wide destruction / France: Unions protest privatization

World opinion opposes U.S. attack on Iraq

More than 1.5 million Italians took to the streets of dozens of cities Oct. 5 to protest possible U.S. military action against Iraq – putting heavy pressure on the Italian government to re-think its support of the Bush war drive.

Boston janitors continue strike with victories

BOSTON – Janitors in the Boston metropolitan area continued their strike into the second week as six contractors broke rank with the Maintenance Contractors of New England and agreed to sign interim agreements with the union. Over 2,000 janitors are now out on strike.

Students hail court decision on UW fees

MADISON – Student leaders celebrated an Oct. 2 U.S. Court of Appeals decision that student fee policies here at the University of Wisconsin do not violate the Constitution.

School nurse: Put kids needs first

Recently a parent stopped by my office to thank me for taking care of her daughter while she was a student at the school where I work as a school nurse. Her daughter graduated in June and is now a college student.

Activists take on the death penalty

CHICAGO – Almost three years ago, Gov. George Ryan (R), under tremendous pressure from activists, citizens and 13 exonerated death row inmates, enacted a moratorium on all death sentences in the state and formed a commission to study the system.

Communists unite for Mideast peace

In a statement initiated by the Tudeh Party of Iran, 34 communist and workers parties around the world, including the Communist Party USA, joined together to demand “an end to all provocations and policies and actions threatening to bring about a military conflict in the Middle East,” and calling on all governments “to abide by the UN resolutions and strictly respect the terms of the UN Charter.”

Todays reality in Palestine

Editor’s note: War Times Editor Bob Wing is making a first visit to occupied Palestine with Barbara Lubin of the Middle East Children’s Alliance. The following is excerpted from his eyewitness report of Oct. 5. For the full report go to WEST BANK, Palestine – Today is one of those precious few days that in Palestine are called “very quiet.” That means that, as of noon today, “only” two Palestinian teenagers were killed, one in Gaza and the other in Jenin camp.

People say: Jobs at home! No war on Iraq!

As George W. Bush delivered a saber-rattling speech to a handpicked Republican audience in Cincinnati, Oct. 7, 4,000 protesters outside chanted, “Peace in the Middle East … Don’t attack the people of Iraq.”

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