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Halabi responds to Cato charges

Three weeks ago, this column identified George W. Bush’s “ownership society” as “actually a Wall Street expropriation, foreclosure-and-indenture scheme.” The column warned that Bush’s Wall Street masters, impelled by a crisis of their system, were using individual “ownership” promises as a cover to plunder savings, homes, pensions and Social Security.

Bushs hometown paper endorses John Kerry

HOUSTON — The Lone Star Iconoclast, a weekly newspaper in Crawford, Texas (declared hometown of George W. Bush), has endorsed Democrat John Kerry for president. The newspaper’s editors endorsed Bush in 2000.

Hi-tech phonebanking targets key voters

Workers’ Correspondence NEW YORK — Citizen Action is a grassroots organization dedicated to defeating the right-wing administration in the White House.

International notes

China: Gov’t issues new anti-poverty measures / Mexico: Victims’ families compensated / The Netherlands: Huge demonstrations oppose ‘austerity’ / United Arab Emirates: Strike protests disaster / Equatorial Guinea: U.S. official linked to plotters

White House backs Israeli assault on Gaza

UNITED NATIONS — The United States vetoed a draft UN resolution Oct. 5 demanding an immediate end to the massive Israeli military thrust into the Gaza Strip that has claimed at least 83 lives.

New book on Cuban 5 accents family bonds

At a public meeting in Havana on Sept. 18, the book “El Dulce Abismo” (The Sweet Abyss) was introduced to the world. As an index of the book’s significance, Ricardo Alarcon, president of the Cuban National Assembly, and Abel Prieto, minister of culture, attended the ceremony.

Wake up and vote

MT. PLEASANT, Mich. — After watching weeks of political polls in the corporate media that extolled the strength of the Bush campaign and the weakness of his Democratic opposition, an event occurred at my university that gave me faith once again in the strength of our grassroots movement against the ultra-right.

Voting is revolutionary

Only a minority of the population in the U.S. actually practices its civic duty. Representative leadership in government is paramount in the struggle for real change in communities disenfranchised and oppressed.

Youth have big stake in 2004 elections

Young people are registering to vote in record numbers. It’s true — our vote matters.

National Clips

NITRO, W.Va.: Veterans camp for Kerry / ORLANDO, Fla.: Teachers union leaders stump for quality public education / DENVER: State sued to count all votes / NEWPORT, Minn.: Hate – coming to a school near you / WASHINGTON: The right to choose is at stake

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