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Obama as Savior? He'd better be

So he can't walk on water. Nor heal the sick with a touch. His smile won't summon sunrise, nor cause angelic choirs to sing from the skies. Still. Of all the presidential candidates ever to rise on the world stage, none have appeared more attuned than Barack Hussein Obama to notions of the common good--notions of inclusion, openness, nurturing, forgiveness and reconciliation, in keeping with our best spiritual traditions.

OPINION: A nuke free world?

When a fully loaded aircraft crash-landed on the river Hudson without loss of life, the people emerging from the plane appeared to walk on water.

OPINION: What happened to me on the way to the inauguration

When walking down 34th street to pick up train tickets to the Washington Inauguration on Monday, MLK Day, I heard someone shout out the N word. Looking up it turned out to be a white person yelling it at another white person. Really!

OPINION: Onward for a more responsible U.S.

The world can breathe a little easier now that the new president of this country, my country, urges our people to take responsibility for this new age with grave challenges – to meet the challenges of climate change, unbridled militarism, economic and social and political disruption and inequalities globally. Past policies have been insane, threatening life as we know it on this planet.

For whom the homeland is secure? Its not for thee

I listen to my daughter singing a Christmas carol with her dad and wonder, is it mercury poisoning? Is that why she was diagnosed with autism?

This system is rotten to the core — a case in point

This is a time when people’s confidence in the system of capitalism is being shaken. It all started with Enron, but then other giants like Global Crossings and WorldCom joined in. People see a pattern here.