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A Marxist perspective on religion today

Among the “wedge” issues with which the ultra-right attempts to divide the working class are the questions of (1) rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, including marriage or civil unions, access to benefits and health care, and (2) rights of women, including availability of birth control, the right to choose an abortion, and full and equal participation in economic and social life.

Women under fire

During the 2004 election, class and race deeply cut into easy generalizations about “the women’s vote.” White women were the largest electoral bloc, with 41 percent of the vote, and swung towards Bush in the largest percentage difference of any configuration. Bush increased his voter share among white women by a whopping 10 percent over 2000. While women of color only gave Bush 24 percent of their votes, 55 percent of white women voted for Bush in 2004. As the Women of Color Resource Center states bluntly, “Had it been up to women-of-color voters, the current resident of the White House would be packing his bags and heading back to Texas.”

Communists launch online discussion

With a newly launched web site, the Communist Party USA is inviting broad discussion on how Americans can defeat the Bush agenda and build a bigger and stronger movement for peace, democracy, jobs and equality.

Battle over evolution

“Scientific creationism” came on the scene when the Christian right reared its ugly head in the 1984 Reagan campaign. It was part of the effort by ultra-right ruling class elements to whip up a backlash against the people’s movements.


What really happened in Ohio?

There are some things we can say for certain happened in Ohio and the U.S. in November 2004.


Racism and unity

Racism exists today but has changed its form. The right uses racism to divide the working class, and therefore our documents and literature need to focus on why Black, Brown, white unity is necessary for working-class unity.


Communists combine talk with action

As the Communist Party USA prepares for its 28th National Convention, to be held July 1-3 in Chicago, it is organizing “a wide-ranging discussion on where things are going” in our country and the world, the party’s executive vice chair, Jarvis Tyner, told the World.

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