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Mo. labor sets Senate race as top priority

ST. LOUIS – Delegates to the 21st semi-annual convention of the Missouri AFL-CIO left for home Sept. 17 united in their determination to return Jean Carnahan to the U. S. Senate in the Nov. 5 elections.

Activists converge: People before Profits

Activists converge: People before Profits. Please visit web sites

Kenneth Yablonski, UMWA reformer, dies

PITTSBURGH, Penn. – One of the legal champions of the rank-and-file fight to reform the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) was attorney Kenneth Yablonski, 68, who died Sept. 8 in Washington County, Pa. This reform movement had an impact on the labor movement that can be seen even in today’s leadership of the AFL-CIO.

Health care for all

The following resolution was passed unanimously, September 12, by the Ohio AFL-CIO.

Books, baseball and birthdays

We publish below excerpts from personal letters written by one of our country’s most famous political prisoners and Communist labor organizers, Gus Hall, who was general secretary and then national chairman of the Communist Party.

A dangerous country

There is a country in the world today that poses a threat to millions of people, a threat that must be dealt with to guarantee peace for all the countries and peoples of the world. You know the one I’m talking about.

Cough The air is getting worse

Now that the kids are back to school and crisp fall air returns, it’s hard to remember just how bad the air felt this August. In fact, it has been well over a decade since the East Coast suffered the kind of sustained, unhealthy air we had last month.

A gallon of gas makes 20 pounds of CO2

America’s cars and light trucks produce 20 percent of the nation’s emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), a potent greenhouse gas that causes global warmin

Marxism Lives! On the 2002 elections

Elections in the United States are never as simple as they appear on the surface. A number of things have to be taken into account. Of all the countries that are considered political democracies, the United States has the most restrictive and complicated electoral laws.

Control of oil fuels Bush war against Iraq

George W. Bush has Texas crude running in his veins, yet the word “oil” did not cross his lips in his Sept. 12 speech to the United Nations. Nor did Bush mention Osama bin Laden, the man he vowed to “hunt down” only a few months ago.

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