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Youth call for books not bombs

NEW YORK — The past few days in New York City have certainly busted one prominent myth — that youth in the U.S. are apathetic about politics or indifferent to the Bush policies.

Stars make CD to aid education

Music Review On Oct. 5, Epic Records will release “Mary Had A Little Amp,” a special collection of songs children love performed by 16 renowned artists.

Accidental Activist is funny, important work

Review What do you do if you’re one of 40,000 actors in New York, you’re struggling with your career, physical problems prevent you from working at your day job, and you’re worried about possible war on Iraq? This is the situation actor Kathryn Blume found herself in during the fall of 2002.

Bush, Kerry and immigrant rights

Whether inspired by Platonic idealism or a “paint by numbers” version of Marxism, some on the left continue to push the idea that there is no difference between Bush and Kerry.

Seniors are mad as hell

If I were George Bush, I’d be plenty worried. Not about the slowing or stalled economy, the lack of meaningful job creation, or the continued war in Iraq. But about seniors.

Solidarity with Cuba means beating Bush in November

Defeating George W. Bush and his supporters in Congress is the highest priority in promoting solidarity with Cuba.

Working families fighting for a voice@work

The American labor movement has always been defined by our fights and our struggles.

Facing tough times, Ohio workers get moving to beat Bush

ASHTABULA, Ohio — To say that Ohio is a battleground state in the 2004 elections is only half the story. The state’s workers are the rest of the story, the grass roots, the people being bombarded by TV and radio ads, rhetoric and mass mailings.

Bushs drug policies are his Achilles heel

The national media would do well to stop its collaboration with the Bush administration’s attempt to sidetrack the national election debate away from issues that are of economic and political importance to people in the U.S.: jobs, housing, Medicaid/welfare, education, and, of course, world peace and true security.

Rail union heads urge merger

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (PAI) — By unanimous vote, officers of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees (BMWE) recommended on Aug. 24 that its members approve a merger with the Teamsters.

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