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No militaricen a juventud

Activistas de paz de diferentes organizaciones abogan por eliminar $2 millones del presupuesto escolar de la ciudad de Nueva York que usan para programas de adiestramiento militar.


BOOK REVIEW Studs Terkels Working soars to new life as graphic novel

Studs Terkel was synonymous with the everyman, heart of the hoi polloi. In one of his last interviews he repeated a story he enjoyed telling about encountering a couple of vocally anti-union Young Urban Professionals in his hometown of Chicago. Terkel, then already into his nineties, stared down the latest denizens of the ruling class, profoundly finishing them off in a manner which they probably never forgot. That was Studs.

U.S. appreciates JCP letter on elimination of nuclear weapons

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on May 19 made public a letter he received from the U.S. government in response to his April 28 letter calling on U.S. President Obama to take the initiative for starting international negotiations to conclude a treaty abolishing nuclear weapons.


12 fun family spring/summer activities that won't break the bank

Take a trip to the Farmers’ Market. Farmers’ markets are unexpected family-oriented places that offer great stimulation for children. They present a fun learning opportunity where kids can experience various colors, shapes, sounds and smells.

US: Time to ratify women's treaty, groups urge

UNITED NATIONS, Mar 8 (IPS) - Rights activists in the United States are urging their newly-elected government to support global initiatives aimed at protecting women’s rights.


Honoring Ohio's unsung heroes of 2008 elections

Speaking to scores of activists in labor, community, farm, retiree and other progressive movements at events in three Ohio cities, Sam Webb, national chairman of the Communist Party USA, called for all out grassroots efforts to realize the potential for progressive change brought about by the November elections.

Trade unionists unite to debate crisis of capitalism

Original source: TRADE unionists from across the country gathered at the Communist Party of Britain's headquarters in Croydon over the weekend to debate the impact of the current capitalist crisis.

Sudan: Conditions getting worse for Darfur civilians

NAIROBI, 4 February 2009 (IRIN) - Conditions for civilians caught up in fighting between the Sudanese government and rebels in the South Darfur town of Muhajiriya are getting worse, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights warned.

UN calls for food aid from rich countries

THE UN urged rich countries on Monday to stump up the aid that they pledged at a food crisis summit last year after riots had erupted in underdeveloped countries over soaring prices.

Taino Re-Elected Chair of UN NGO Decade Committee

Taino community activist Roberto Borrero was re-elected Chairperson of the NGO Committee on the United Nations International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples this past December. The Committee is a Special Committee of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organization in consultative status with the United Nations (CONGO).

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