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International Criminal Court established

More than half a century after it was proposed in the ruins of World War II, the world’s first permanent court for the prosecution of war criminals was established on April 11 when 10 countries deposited ratification documents with the United Nations in New York. For the entire article, click on the headline. To see the initiating speech given to form the ICC, click here.

What globalization means to working people

What does globalization mean to working people? Ask a member of UNITE and she’ll talk about the thousands of good paying jobs that were taken overseas. Talk to the young woman in Bangladesh who gets 20 cents for making a shirt that sells for $30 at The Gap.

Rep. Jackson calls for shift in priorities

CHICAGO – On April 8, Rep. Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill.), an energetic and idealistic young man, spoke of his vision for America to a small crowd in a basement auditorium of a public library on the South Side here. Jackson demanded a shift in our country’s priorities at a Peace and Jobs Community Forum.

Coalition vows to Reclaim America from Bush, Enron

WASHINGTON – With Enron as a symbol of what has gone wrong, a coalition of labor, civil and human rights groups met here April 10-12 to chart a fightback against corporate America and the Republican right in the 2002 elections.

Bush arrogance draws fire

The arrogant disregard of several international treaties by the Bush administration has drawn fire from several sources in recent weeks, the most recent an op-ed piece in the New York Times by David J. Scheffer, chief American negotiator for the International Criminal Court during the Clinton administration.

April 20 cry: Stop war at home and abroad!

WASHINGTON – From every point of the compass, thousands of protesters will pour into the nation’s capital April 20 for a march to demand, “Stop the war at home and abroad.”

Rep. Barbara Lee speaks for the needs of all people

Last Sept. 14, the House of Representatives voted to grant President George W. Bush authority to use military force in retaliation against the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, after the Senate had earlier voted unanimously for a similar measure. In an act of great courage, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) cast the lone vote against the House resolution. For the entire article, click on the headline. To visit Rep. Lee's official website, click here.

Peace starts with ending occupation

EAST JERUSALEM – Last night, April 16, helicopters were heard overhead as Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) entered neighborhoods here and curfews continued in Ramallah and Bethlehem. Heavy shelling near the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and heavy restrictions on travel for Palestinians were visible. For the entire article, click on the headline. To visit Fellowship Of Reconciliation, whom our reporter Judith Le Blanc is touring the Middle East with, click here.

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