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Groups gear up to defeat anti-GLBT ballot measures

Campaigns in Nevada, Florida and Michigan are working to defeat anti-Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) measures scheduled to appear on ballots this fall.

Earth Day signals battles to come in 2002 elections

President George Bush tried to look outdoorsy for an Earth Day photo-op in the Adirondack Mountains, but his environmental policies are being assailed by environmentalists, leading Democrats and others.

We can defeat the ultra-right in Nov.

As thousands pour into Washington on April 20, a huge fight is shaping up to defeat President Bush’s extreme-right wing corporate agenda in November’s elections. At stake is control of the House and Senate and 22 governorships. It is a fight that can and must be won.

United, weve got what it takes to win

“As long as we keep taking what they are dishing out,” United Steelworkers of America President Leo Gerard told a meeting on national health care, “they’ll keep dishing it out !” The men and women in Washington’s streets April 20 are saying we won’t take the military solutions, Enron/LTV robberies, global exploitation, destruction of the Bill of Rights, civil rights and women’s rights.

Texas labor claims victories in primaries

DALLAS – If President Bush begins to sound a little worried about his home state in November, it may be because of the Texas primary elections that concluded with a runoff on April 9. The Democratic ticket will be headed by two “firsts” for Texas: the first African-American candidate for U.S. Senate and the first Mexican-American candidate for Governor. Both candidates are strong on affirmative action and are not afraid to say so.

Coalition vows to Reclaim America from Bush, Enron

WASHINGTON – With Enron as a symbol of what has gone wrong, a coalition of labor, civil and human rights groups met here April 10-12 to chart a fightback against corporate America and the Republican right in the 2002 elections.

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