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GOPs stealth plans for Social Security privatization

If you thought privatization of Social Security was dead and we won, think again. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Republicans are planning a devious plan to sneak in private accounts this fall, doing it in a way that will not require Senate committee approval. And Karl Rove is involved, meaning this is still a high priority.

Social Security at 70: Happy Birthday, but its also time to fight

ALIQUIPPA, Pa. — If you want to start a fight in this tidy, hard-working former steel producing center, defend Bush and speak up for privatizing Social Security.

Aging population no cause for crisis

Efforts to convince us that Social Security faces a crisis often start with the demographic argument: the U.S. population is aging. The White House web site says that in 1950 there were 16 active workers supporting each Social Security beneficiary, that today there are only 3.3 workers for each beneficiary, and that by 2050 only 2 workers will be supporting each beneficiary.

Folks back home defend Social Security from Republicans

PITTSBURGH — “Dear congressperson: What part of ‘no privatization, no private accounts to replace Social Security’ don’t you understand?”

Farmers know bull when they hear it

Conventional wisdom says a conference of 1,400 members of the Future Farmers of America (FAA) at Penn State University in rural State College would be a safe bet for President Bush to sell his plan to privatize Social Security.

Texans slam privatization

LA MARQUE, Texas — About 200 Texans met in this small community adjacent to Texas City (location of the recent BP refinery explosion), June 11, to express their opposition to the Bush administration plan to privatize Social Security. They were treated to rousing speeches by Congressperson Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Houston), Nick Lampson (former congressperson from Houston), Texas AFL-CIO President Emmett Sheppard and others.

No deals, no surrender: Social Security fightback rumbles across nation

In towns and cities across the country, Americans are turning up the heat on Republicans as well as Democrats to guarantee that Social Security, the country’s most successful and reliable program for the people, will be preserved — safe from any inside-the-Beltway deals.

Social Security: We have to win this one

PITTSBURGH, Penn. — Americans are talking, marching, storming congressional offices, petitioning, conducting town hall meetings and writing letters to save Social Security. Beneath the radar of headline news, the people have lit up the “third rail” of U.S. politics, Social Security, and Republicans and Democrats are both feeling the charge.

150 student leaders weigh in on Social Security

Determined to have their voices heard, 150 student government presidents signed a nonpartisan letter calling on Congress and the White House to protect Social Security. Representing hundreds of thousands of college students from all 50 states, the student leaders urged officials to consider the stake the younger generation has in defending Social Security.

Social Security and the N.Y. Times

Most Americans do not read The New York Times. But ideas expressed by its columnists make their way into mainstream discussions. Recently, two columnists weighed in with arguments related to Social Security.

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