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Mexican media works overtime for Calderon

MEXICO CITY — While evidence of election irregularities and fraud mounts, it is hard to find news of this in Mexico’s mass media, especially television. On the contrary, the media here, with few exceptions, is downplaying or ignoring evidence of electoral wrongdoing and is trying to persuade the population that the July 2 elections were fair.

Latinos, marchers energized from struggle, studies say

Two important new studies show that this year’s dramatic events have created heightened consciousness, unity and mobilization among immigrants — especially among both immigrant and U.S.-born Latinos. The results put some force behind the slogan, “Today we march, tomorrow we vote.”

San Francisco moves to cover its uninsured

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors last week unanimously gave initial approval to a bold new plan to provide health coverage for the city’s uninsured.



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Legal panel hits Bushs signing statements

WASHINGTON — A panel of the American Bar Association struck a blow for democracy and the rule of law July 23 when it came out strongly against President George W. Bush’s use of “signing statements” to nullify laws passed by Congress, legal experts said this week.


NOW conference highlights beating the far-right

ALBANY, N.Y. — Ensuring voting rights and defeating the extreme right were themes of many speakers at the National Organization for Women’s “Young Feminist Summit” and annual national conference held here July 21-23.


Roberto Clemente honored

Major League Baseball paid tribute to Puerto Rican hero Roberto Clemente with the commissioner’s historic achievement award at the 2006 All-Star Game in Pittsburgh, July 11.


A mega-development looms in Brooklyn

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — An estimated 4,000 people gathered here July 16 to protest a $3.5 billion development deal that critics charge would lead to “instant gentrification” and radically alter the political landscape of this borough


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Mexico: Over 1 million rally, demand vote recount

MEXICO CITY — In the wake of growing public protest to force authorities to recount the vote, including a rally last week of over 1.5 million people in this city’s central square, more evidence of electoral wrongdoing during the July 2 elections continues to surface.

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