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HONOLULU: Sit-in to halt war research; SALT LAKE CITY: Reject ‘No Child’ law; ARVADA, Colo.: Recruiter caught in lie; WASHINGTON: Secret Service racial profiling; HARTFORD, Conn.: Same-sex civil unions; CHICAGO: Seniors’ summer cooling plan

LA mayors race: Hahn moves to the right

Antonio Villaraigosa’s campaign to become Los Angeles’ first Latino mayor in 133 years is picking up steam. Now the incumbent, Mayor James Hahn, is trying to appeal to Republican voters by attacking his Mexican American opponent’s previous activism in the American Civil Liberties Union.

Coalition pushes for change in Cuba policy

WASHINGTON — More than 700 people gathered here April 27 in opposition to the U.S. government’s political and economic blockade against Cuba under the slogan, “Join the majority, change the policy!”

Texans mark Workers Memorial Day

TEXAS CITY, Texas — A Workers Memorial Day ceremony here at the Steelworkers/PACE union hall paid tribute to 67 union members killed on the job this year and the many other victims of workplace accidents and illnesses. The event was just one of scores of similar events around the country.

Reporter's Notebook

I once was part of a union group that was taken on a tour of a new high-tech hospital. Our guide was an earnest young woman, a physician, who had been elected as the union leader by all the workers in the hospital. To our surprise, the first place our delegation visited was deep in the basement.

Workers threaten strike to clean up laundries

Thousands of laundry workers who process hospital and nursing home linens voted to strike May 5 if necessary to win living wages and safe working conditions. Working under expired contracts, employees at seven facilities of Angelica, the nation’s largest health care laundry company, threatened to hit the picket lines if their demands for living wages and safe working conditions are not met. And their colleagues at eight other facilities have already pledged to honor their co-workers’ picket lines. The affected facilities are in California, New York, Texas and Illinois. Click here for related story

Capital campaign reaches $200,000

The campaign to raise $400,000 for three modern centers of education and struggle in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York reached the halfway point last week.

May Day lives!: CPUSA hosts May 1 reception

NEW YORK — The Communist Party USA hosted a reception celebrating May Day at its national headquarters here following the successful peace rally in Central Park. The event was a stirring end to a long day of marching and chanting. Members of the Communist Party, Young Communist League (YCL) and their allies from around the country and world attended.

Bush means test would wreck Social Security

WASHINGTON — Defenders of Social Security charged this week that a “means test” on Social Security as proposed by President George W. Bush would inflict huge benefit cuts for 70 percent of recipients, clearing the way to destroy the system vital to Americans’ economic security.


40,000 march to abolish nuclear weapons

NEW YORK — On May 1, the eve of a world meeting at the United Nations to review the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), tens of thousands of people from around the globe marched through the streets here under the slogan “No nukes! No wars!” Click here for Spanish text

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