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Forget Mayan calendar: Climate change is real doomsday threat

But you don't have to look very far to find credible doomsday predictions based on the ever more detailed and dire scientific studies and reports.


Google-funded spy tech to prey on poachers

Both surveillance technology and Google have generated controversyt. But in opposition to the growing international threat of poaching, however, many feel they can be put to good use.


Top ten environmental wins of 2012

It's high time to look at the good points of the environmental struggle this year.


Costa Rica bans hunting, but what about shark finning?

Costa Rica officially banned hunting on December 10, becoming the first Latin American country to outlaw the sport.


Steelworkers, allies push oil industry to increase safety at refineries

How bad is the oil refining industry's pollution and worker safety problem? Well, let's put it this way: It virtually ruined an industry-backed Thanksgiving Day parade.


N.J. chemical spill goes airborne, forces hundreds of evacuations

When a train derailment in Paulsboro, N.J., sent two tanker cars hurtling into a nearby creek, the water became polluted with vinyl chloride.


South Africa deploys anti-poaching plane

"This is a war. You cannot take a stick to a gunfight."


NASA discusses Dec. 21 Mayan end-of-world prediction

NASA takes on the doomsdayers and debunks their predictions.


Hubble XDF catches the universe on camera

The XDF allows an ordinary person to view a panoramic image of the immediate portion of the universe that lay beyond Earth. It's the first step, said the scientists.


Train derailment causes chemical spill in South Jersey

A freight train derailment this morning sent two tanker cars off a bridge and into a creek in Paulsboro, New Jersey, polluting the water with hazardous materials.

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