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This week in history: International Day to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

"The consequences of any further use of nuclear weapons, whether intentional or by mistake, would be horrific."


Colonial Pipeline spill confirms worries of Standing Rock Sioux water protectors

At first report 1,000 gallons of gasoline had been spilled, then 250,000 gallons and now 336,000 gallons according to latest estimates.


In three states, oil and gas spills poison the earth again

Here in Louisiana, another 5,300 gallons of oil have spilled. 


Federal government calls a halt to North Dakota Pipeline

In a victory the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is calling "a game changer," three Federal agencies blocked the construction of a pipeline at Lake Oahe. N.D.


“We are fighting a monster, but we will win”: Standing Rock Sioux

The Aug. 27 march to the main gate of the construction site was even bigger than the day before, with a motorcade following to transport the elders.


Brazil’s coup government aims to complete Rousseff’s removal, targets environmental regulations

What will the implications be for Brazilian society if the right wing triumphs?


Iceland: These mossy stones spin a story of Western democracy

Here, an informed and conscious people are committed to figuring out how advanced welfare-state principles can continue to serve both humans and nature.


This week in history: Our National Parks face perils on their centennial

With so many attacks on all sides, the National Park Service's best bet is to renew interest in the lands it has helped protect.


Confrontation on the Northern Plains: Native Americans fight to stop Dakota Access pipeline

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has mounted a massive protest to block construction of a dangerous pipeline.


Alameda County bans fracking

"We must protect workers, communities and the environment. This is not just a political issue; this is a life and death issue."

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