Science & Environment


All but 50 U.S. research chimps to be retired

As a result, some 400 chimps will be moved to a national sanctuary, where they will have room to live and play in peace.


Bear sanctuary saved from eviction

As a result, the 77 workers there will keep their jobs, and the 104 bears living there will continue to have a home.


Factory farming: Torture with a side of pollution

Most factory farms are controversial enough in the way that animals are handled there.


Google-funded spy tech to prey on poachers

Both surveillance technology and Google have generated controversyt. But in opposition to the growing international threat of poaching, however, many feel they can be put to good use.


Costa Rica bans hunting, but what about shark finning?

Costa Rica officially banned hunting on December 10, becoming the first Latin American country to outlaw the sport.


South Africa deploys anti-poaching plane

"This is a war. You cannot take a stick to a gunfight."


Rhino killings on the rise in South Africa

The Finfoot Game Reserve in Vaalkop Dam, South Africa became the sight of animal cruelty and bloodshed this month.


U.S. to pursue aggressive crackdown on wildlife trafficking

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for a comprehensive, global strategy to combat illegal animal trafficking and poaching.


Chinese activists don't want Canada's ill-begotten seal products

In an open letter to the Canadian Senate, 50 Chinese environmental and animal welfare groups have asked that the exportation of seal products from Canada to China be stopped immediately.

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