The Republican Party does have a platform


 The Republican Party of "NO" has been accused of having no platform, no plan. That is not accurate. The following are the 38 "covert" planks that defines the GOP.

1. Cut taxes for the rich. Enable the wealthy to increase their wealth.

2. Cut social spending. Social programs for the disadvantaged do not enrich or advantage the advantaged.

3. Destroy unions. The unions created the middle class. The wealthy class does not intend to share with the middle class.

4. Outsource jobs. Send American industry overseas. This further destroys unions and foreign slave labor is profitable.

5. Deregulate business. Regulations or rules prevent capitalistic gouging. Gouging the economy, the consumer, the people is profitable.

6. Privatize everything. Enable corporations to profit, unimpeded by governmental competition.

7. Cut big government. Big government is a big threat to profiteering. Regulations and oversight impedes profits.

8. Support law and order. Hold the disadvantaged down so they do not pose a threat to the wealthy's wealth and property.

9. Secure (close) the border. Keep immigrants (Mexicans) out. Mexicans who become citizens vote Democratic.

10. Increase the Social Security collection age. Hope that the retired worker dies before she collects what she put in. Social Security does not further enrich the wealthy.

11. Hike Social Security taxes. Make the worker pay more into a retirement fund that he will hopefully not live long enough to collect.

12. Privatize Social Security. Create a gravy train for the Wall Street profiteers. Allow the banksters to gamble away retirery's subsistence.

13. Privatize Medicare and Medicaid. Provide vouchers to the helpless and elderly with which they must grovel, hat in hand, to the big insurance companies. Big insurance will get much bigger. This is an untapped gold mine of corporate profits.

14. Perpetuate a state of war. Create eternal enemies abroad. Institutionalize hatred and fear. Nothing is more profitable to Fortune 500 companies than military contracts.

15. Increase military spending. Increase military contracts. Privatize the military and warfare. Nothing is more profitable.

16. Adopt Obstructionism. Promote misery. Destroy any attempt at recovery or relief by voting "NO" on everything. Miserable people are too frustrated to vote, or vote for the party out of power.

17. Religiocize Capitalism. Write it into the Constitution. Make private property, profit and exploitation a commandment from God.

18. Harness Hate. Pander to the loco fringe, the Tea Party, the right "Wingnuts." Maintain deniability. Spread their message, utilize their support, but disassociate from their nonsense.

19. Satanize Islam. Generate fear and hate by associating Muslims with al Qaeda and the Democrats. Constantly remind the public that the president's middle name is Hussein. Prey on prejudice.

20. Criminalize abortion. Save babies (read: save tax dollars) by not funding abortions and throwing disadvantaged mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters into prisons. We the wealthy will abort our daughter's bastards safely, privately, discretely. We will appear sanctimonious, and will appease our fundamentalist supporters.

21. Legitimize all lobbying. Deregulate and institutionalize political bribery. Elevate lobbying to the fourth branch of government. Protect this lucrative welfare source, perhaps with a constitutional amendment.

22. Support the "Old Boy's Network." Keep the club small, private, and exclusive. Qualification depends on wealth, name, race, and conservatism.

23. Defend inherited wealth to the death! Conservative power depends on conserving the wealth. Block all inheritance taxation. Rename the "inheritance" tax the "death" tax. After all, everyone dies. By all means, preserve the "lucky sperm club."

24. Lionize business, demonize labor. Business is an asset. Labor is a liability. Business represents profit. Labor represents loss.

25. Denigrate the opposition. Portray all who support peace, the poor, fairness, and egalitarianism as traitors, radicals, terrorists, levelers, anarchists, jihadists, Satanists.

26. Oppose gay marriage. Republican core values are based in conservative Christian fundamentalism. Also, gay individuals tend to be liberal. Liberals tend to vote Democratic.

27. Support Israel right or wrong. Ignore any Israeli outrage, injustice or atrocity. After all, Jewish people and fundamentalist Christians are the Biblical "chosen people."

28. Promote super-patriotism. Distract the masses from the economic disparity by waving the flag. Make the people feel grateful to live in this capitalistic paradise.

29. Support tradition over innovation. Tradition conserves the status quo (economic inequality and injustice). Innovation will result in economic egalitarianism and redistribution.

30. Support family values. Toleration of alternative lifestyles is a liberal concept that will upset the status quo, and benefit the liberal (Democratic) opposition. Also, the family values the woman as mother, not competitor in the business world.

31. Suppress compassion. Characterize caring as liberal sentimentalism. Dehumanize the homeless. Equate unemployment with laziness. Shame welfare. Compassion may generate a demand for social spending.

32. Delegitimize the president. Question his American citizenship. Cast doubt on his right to serve. Create a perception that the Black president is not "one of us." Pander to the "birthers."

33. Bash public schools and teachers. Teachers are liberal because they are educated. Liberal education opens, liberates the mind. Liberated minds oppose greed and economic disparity. Too, teachers are a unionized Democratic block.

34. Promote school prayer. Misuse of prayer as a social opiate to produce docile, passive citizens. For it is written, the meek shall inherit NOTHING!

35. Endorse closet racism. "Colored" people procreate alarmingly. Keep them as a cheep labor pool.

36. Derail gun control. Pander to the National Rifle Association, white supremacist, and the "cowboy" element of society. Ignore the terror that illegal guns have wreaked in our inner cities.

37. Promote Francophobia. Mock the French. Fear the French, and British, and Canadians, and Scandinavians, and all the enlightened nations that provide universal health care and Socialized social programs. The demand, the virus might spread here!

38. Maintain the Big Lie. Misrepresent the Republican Party. Keep this platform secret. If the masses know what we really stand for, they will vote their economic interests, and the Republican Party will be consigned to the trash bin of history.


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  • This is awesome! Sums it all up quite neatly. Refreshing! Write more of these! :-)

    Posted by Gwen, 09/15/2010 5:56pm (5 years ago)

  • crap from start to finish.

    Posted by margaret, 09/09/2010 6:58pm (5 years ago)

  • 22. Support the "Old Boy's Network." Keep the club small, private, and exclusive. Qualification depends on wealth, name, race, and donorship.
    Seen the list of TARP recipients, or dealerships that Hussein "allowed" to remain open?
    You seem to be full of misperceptions and hate, Doctor. Ever been to a Tea Party meeting?

    Posted by Bob Everyman, 09/06/2010 8:32am (5 years ago)





    thanx for the article...

    Posted by j. h, 08/24/2010 10:44am (5 years ago)

  • It is time to make the Republican Party irrrlevant. They simply do not have what it takes to lead this country any more.

    Maybe when first formed and they battled against slavery. But when they became the bastion for the rich and the corporations, they no longer had the capacity for empathy with the disadvantaged and poor.

    There is simply no reason why there has to be a class system in this country. We have enough wealth to let all participate in prosperity.

    Posted by Ronald Humphrey, 08/24/2010 5:40am (5 years ago)

  • 1. Small businesses making that amount of money per year usually file individual income tax returns. Increase the taxes on people making over 200k per year and you hammer the small businesses that drive the economy. On top of that you inhibit investment in new business because of the diminished potential for return.

    2. Social programs do not generate capital. Government spending actually removes capital. This has the effect of destroying revenue within the economy. When the economy has less revenue, less people are able to be employed, and the disadvantaged suffer the most.

    There has to be a balance between providing a safety net for the disadvantaged and limiting the impact of these programs on the economy. Think of it this way, the more people the government employs, the less people there are to generate the taxes that pay those government salaries. At some point, you run out of other people's money to spend. Social programs can never grow beyond the means of the private sector to fund them.

    On top of that there's a huge degree of cronyism and waste involved in social programs. Rich Democrats are just as guilty of lining the pockets of other rich democrats in the name of social justice as there are rich Republicans guilty of lining the pockets of other rich Republicans in the name of free enterprise.

    3. The unions have become so powerful that they are no longer competitive with foreign labor markets. The power of labor has to be balanced with the value that they create. In today's market a union worker with a pension simply doesn't generate enough value to cover the true cost of their employment. This is the problem with today's unions, and this is what Republicans should target.

    4. See item 3. If a company cannot afford to operate with domestic labor because the expense is so high they only have 2 choices. They can go out of business, or they can find cheaper labor. Unless we plan on killing all the foreign workers, American workers are forced to compete with them in the global market. If domestic labor costs too much, use of foreign labor is a natural consequence.

    5. The other side of this coin is, of course, public sector gouging. Regulations and rules stifle competition. The more government gouges an industry, the more exclusive an industry becomes. This has the effect of creating massive corporations that can absorb the added expense, and drives out the little guys that just can't handle the added expense. If you want to create conditions which protect consumers, labor, and the environment the most you have to foster competition so that the consumer is presented with as many choices as possible. When you limit choice, that's when industries start to abuse their power.

    Case in point: The meat packing industry. Meat packing is so heavily regulated that it's next to impossible to market your own fresh meat. When packed in small volumes, the extra costs involved with satisfying the regulations make the meat too expensive for the average consumer to afford. Now we're saddled with mega corporations like Tyson, Smithfield, Hormel, and Purdue that control an overwhelming percentage of the market and as such they have a lot of power.

    Now, the meat packing industry is notorious for its abuse of workers and animals, questionable safety practices, and influence in the government.

    It was the regulations that created the conditions that allowed these massive companies to crush their competition.

    6. There's no such thing as governmental competition. The government doesn't compete because it doesn't play by its own rules. It can steal land. It can print money. It can compel action. It can fine or toss people in jail when they don't comply.
    7. Cut big government. Big government is a big threat to profiteering. Regulations and oversight impedes profits.
    Big government is a threat to freedom.

    8. See 7. It's so funny to me that some people support granting the government lots of power, but don't want anyone to tell them what to do. That doesn't make any sense. Do they do this just so that they can rail against the man? I just don't get it.

    9. The Republicans don't want to keep Mexicans out. The Republicans want the Mexicans who come into this country accounted for so that when the Democrats try to buy them with federal taxpayer dollars, at least some of the money comes from the Mexicans themselves.

    10. Hope that people die before they collect? That's not a Republican thing. That's the pipe dream that started the program in the first place. It's a Ponzi scheme that fails when subjected to population stagnation. It's odd to me that the Democrats support both the social security program and population limitation because one will cause the destruction of the other.

    Coincidentally, this is also part in parcel of the health care plan for America that Democrats have put forth. The laws of supply and demand do not bend to the whims of idealist minds. The idea that more people can get more health care for less money is a dream that flies in the face of reality. Health care is a limited resource. There are only so many doctors, so many hospitals, so many drugs. If you wish to increase the number of people who receive service It must inherently either A. cost more, or B. reduce the amount of service received. Democrats know that the elderly will put strain on the system so they will encourage the elderly to take less expensive means of care. And they will decide if you get a pain pill instead of a hip replacement. They will decide if you need end of life care or life saving care.

    11. & 12 Double huh? How can the Republicans want to both do away with social security and increase the contribution at the same time? These are getting too stupid to even respond to and my post is getting too long. Maybe I'll tackle some more of them later.

    Posted by Fangbeer, 08/23/2010 2:38pm (5 years ago)

  • Brilliant!

    Posted by Joe Cooper, 08/23/2010 2:11pm (5 years ago)

  • I think you could narrow it down to a bakers dozen, but you hit it on the head up there. The GOP has been dismantling, DECONSTRUCTING the American Dream for 30+ years now and what boggles the mind is how so many Americans think this is great because, Democrats are evil. Only an American would risk personal destruction to maintain a faulty system so long as the Free Market was in play.

    Posted by JimmyDeanSausage, 08/23/2010 2:09pm (5 years ago)

  • How very interesting and thoroughly un-original!

    Neither Nathan not DDS have provided any contrary information, in the absence of which - this post stands to reason.

    This childlike unquestioning disposition is well aligned with the morass that plagues us as a nation right now.

    I'd hate to have to eat your words, since almost 38 of the above positions can be substantiated - but yes, the facts are biased!

    Posted by Diziak, 08/23/2010 1:52pm (5 years ago)

  • The ultra-rightist corporo-fascists surely endorse the above platform. It's patently obvious that this has been the rethuglican's raison d'etre, rallying cry, and mantra for years.

    They've got the working class hypnotized with the Red, White, And-Blue. I'm a gun-totin' liberal and I can guarantee that no Heffalump is going to pull the elephant skin over my eyes!

    +1000 to the OP.

    Posted by EXneoCON, 08/23/2010 9:47am (5 years ago)

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