Today in black history: Malcolm X assassinated


On this day in 1965, Malcolm X - human rights activist and one of history's most celebrated African Americans - was assassinated.

Born Malcolm Little, X was a Muslim minister during his life, as well as an icon for African-American rights.

Though he was, for a time, a member of the Nation of Islam, he came to reject their views, and subsequently became a Sunni Muslim, at which point he renounced racialism of any kind and expressed his desire to work with civil rights leaders for better equality for all.

According to George Breitman's book By Any Means Necessary: Speeches, Interviews, and a Letter by Malcolm X, the FBI had opened a file on Malcolm in 1950 when he wrote a letter to then-President Truman stating his opposition to the Korean War.

In 1964, Malcom met Martin Luther King, Jr. in Washington, D.C. after they had both attended the Senate to hear the debate on the Civil Rights Act.

Malcolm became an influential figure to many African-Americans and supporters of civil rights and equality, and continues to be so today.

Photo: Malcolm X (front, right) meets briefly with Martin Luther King, Jr. Wikipedia

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  • Malcom X DID NOT reject radicalism. He rejected Elijah Muhammad's sexual deviance. As a matter of fact, Dr. King took a more militant approach around the late 60s when he started actually challenging the power structure, capitalism as a system, and the war in Vietnam.

    When MLK was fighting for integration (ride the bus, drink from the same fountains, go to the same restaurants) it was fine in the eyes of the ruling class, but when he challenged the power structure itself, he had to go. Malcom X had to go too. The FBI infiltrated the NOI and facilitated that assassination.

    To say Malcom X rejected radicalism is fallacious and detrimental to the fight for socialism. I don't know what you people see as the means to create socialism, if that's what you want, but it's not pacifism. If socialism isn't something you guys are interested in and would rather pander to bourgeois portraits of MLK and an anti-radical Malcom X.... then change the name of your website. Thanks.

    Posted by Thomas Sharkey, 02/21/2013 4:09pm (3 years ago)

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