Turkish leader's visit to occupied Cyprus sparks protest (video)

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan made a highly provocative visit July 20 to the Turkish-occupied region in northern Cyprus.

Erdogan's purpose in coming to the region was to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the invasion of Cyprus by Turkish troops. This invasion, which Erdogan came to celebrate, was, and continues to be, universally denounced; in fact the UN has declared the invasion and the continued occupation to be violations of international law.

Although Erdogan came to celebrate the invasion, Turkish Cypriots, many of them trade unionists, had other ideas and staged demonstrations.

According to Cypriot sources, armed men in the Turkish-controlled area attacked the Cypriot demonstrators without regard to age or gender and seized their banners and placards. Later, Turkish authorities raided the offices of labor unions in the occupied areas and made several arrests.

Despite repression and intimidation demonstrators were able to photograph and videotape the attacks and raids so that occupation authorities could not deny what happened.

Police Violence in North Cyprus / Kuzey Kıbrıs'ta Polis Şiddeti from Baris Parlan on Vimeo.

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  • E.Nondas, you are dilluded you should check your facts think back to ENOSIS that was your Greek Terrorists killing both innocent Greek And Turkish Cypriots, without Turkey there would be no Turkish Cypriots left. 1974 the Greek Junta forced Turkey's hand into sending a force to deal with them under the 1960 agreement.

    Posted by O Djemal, 07/26/2011 5:50pm (4 years ago)

  • In reading your article "Erdogan commentsof intransigence on the 37 anniversary of the illegal 1974 Turkey's invasion and occupation of 37% of Cyprus irk EU officials UN and Greek Cypriots. One can find the reality of Cyprus problem in its strategic position which holds in the Mediterranean crossroads connecting three continents Europe Asia and Africa . Cyprus long History of Civilization shows just that, and this is the reason that the British betrayed Cyprus (in order to secure free of charge their strategic interests along with Turkey) and worked out the sellout of a bi communal confederation with Turkey at the helm in order to rule it later on... Cyprus was conquered and looted ,burned and destroyed many times in its long history, by many outside conquerors,invaders and Barbarians worse of all the Ottoman Turks.The Ottoman Turks since 1571 fall of Famagusta to Turks , many times the Turks beheaded Greek Cypriots and Bishops,raped women and murdered indiscriminately children and old pensioners with more than sixteen Greek Cypriots Prisoners of war still missing,and Turkey refuses to knowledge their fate since 1974. It is very sad inconceivable unacceptable and incomprehensible for EU to keep having EU accession talks with Turkey which is one of the most ferocious barbarians of all times. In Cyprus since 1571/1878/ 1955/1956/ 1964 / 1974 Turkey repeatedly,and consistently non stop has committed the worst crimes against the GREEK CYPRIOTS and HUMANITYas a whole.EU must cut off all relations with Turkey or force Turkey to abide by the rules EU rules and protocol like any other country did as state of EU . Turkey has invaded Cyprus in violation of all UN security council resolutions,destroyed the Greek Cypriot cultural religious heritage, desecrated more than 550 Greek Christian Orthodox Churches , and occupies illegally 37% of EU Cyprus soil and committed the Ethnic CLEANSING of 200,000 Greek Cypriots and brought more than 500,000 Illegal settlers from Turkey ,and housed them into the stolen properties and houses of the uprooted 200,000 Greek Cypriots in violation of the 1949 Geneva convention WeCypriots and EU citizens demand from EU ,USA ,Britain ,Germany, France and rest of the "Free world " to force Turkey to get out of EU Cyprus state and leave the true Cypriots to find a JUST ,FAIR, FUNCTIONAL, DEMOCRATIC CYPRUS and VIABLE Solution in the framework of the UN ,Security council,EU resolutions in compliance with international law and the provisions of the EU rules of the protocol. EU and the so called "Free World "has a responsibility and a moral duty not to let Cyprus to be crucified by the known big powers, who let Turkey free do its criminal acts in order to serve their strategic interests . Turkey Must get out of Cyprus its Attila army of occupation and its Hundreds of thousands Illegal Anatolian settlers which constitute a crime against Humanity if they stay. !

    Sincerely. E. Nondas

    Posted by E.Nondas, 07/25/2011 10:38pm (4 years ago)

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