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Bushs hidden attack on public education

PHILADELPHIA – This year marks the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education – a historic civil rights legal case that declared Jim Crow segregated schools for African American children were a violation of the Constitution.

Privatization a mortal threat to humanity

In his 2004 State of the Union address, President Bush defended the Republican Party’s fundamental aims when it comes to health care: privatization and profit.

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Health illiteracy a serious threat

How many times have you heard, “Once they start talking about health care, after a few sentences, my eyes glaze over”? That is one kind of illiteracy in health care.

CALIFORNIA Health care bill under fire

The health care crisis faced by California’s workers has legislators and even some businesses seeking a solution.

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Fight for voter paper trail heats up

CLEVELAND – Ohio voters are becoming increasingly concerned about the security of some of the new electronic voting machines (EVMs), especially those manufactured by the Diebold company.

Health crisis hits kids

When you have over 40 million people without any health insurance at all – and another 70 million with limited and poor coverage – while suffering is widespread, some categories of people are at greater risk.

Leonard Peltier struggles on for freedom

After 28 years, the courts still won’t correct the wrongs of the past. On April 19 the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals’ denial of Leonard Peltier’s request to be considered for parole, despite the Circuit Court’s recognition that the government indisputably engaged in misconduct in the prosecution of Peltier.

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