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Inhuman immigrant treatment protested

NEW YORK — Federal anti-immigrant policies have left a Chinese woman, Jiang Zhenxing, recovering from a miscarriage after being denied medical treatment while she was awaiting deportation.

Community fights to save schools

CHICAGO — “Save our schools,” someone shouted from the crowd of more than 100 legislators, teachers, students, parents, and religious and community activists during a public hearing Feb. 9 at the Chicago Public Schools administration building.


Young Communists map fight-back

With the slogan, “Our Future, Our Fight: Youth Beat Back the Ultra-Right,” the Young Communist League USA has issued a ringing call for its 8th National Convention, May 27-29, in New York City.


Corruption poster boy DeLay faces challenger

HOUSTON - Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) may be in trouble in his re-election bid this fall. If he loses, it could help end GOP control of the House.


Cheney victim has heart attack Sensenbrenner scolded on spying Specter brings up impeachment Taxpayers: $0, Big oil: $65 billion $385 million to Halliburton for immigrant prisons Report slams Bush on Katrina Private accounts buried in budget

Connecticut Black history forum to honor 3 women leaders

NEW HAVEN — Jarvis Tyner, executive vice chair of the Communist Party USA and a founder of the Black Radical Congress, will return to Connecticut to keynote the 32nd annual African American History Month celebration of the Peoples Weekly World on Sunday, Feb. 26, at 4:00 p.m. at the New Haven Peoples Center, 37 Howe St.


Grace Bassett: foot soldier for justice

Approaching 90, Grace Bassett, a lifelong activist for African American equality, is going strong. Like anyone her age, she has seen many changes, but Bassett, perhaps more than most, has taken an active part in shaping those changes, and continues to do so.

Upsurge defends immigrant rights. Movement focuses on Senate

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — The Republican leadership of the U.S. Senate has indicated that floor debate on landmark changes in immigration policy will begin the week of March 27. But the debate will get under way weeks earlier in the Judiciary Committee.


Susan Wheeler, fighter for equality and peace, 63

PORTLAND, Ore. — Susan Elizabeth Wheeler, a lifelong fighter for equality, peace and socialism, passed away Jan. 24 at her daughter’s home in Sequim, Wash. She was 63 and had fought cancer for four years


Celebrate Black history with film, song

Film fest brings game arts to big screen In concert at Arab American National Museum: Odetta; Vusi Mahlasela

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