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Ex-White House press secretary slams Iraq war run up

In a scathing memoir due to be published next week, former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan accuses President George H.W. Bush of being out of touch, misled, and taking a propaganda approach to issues that would have been better served by candor and openness.


Body of War before and after

Shot in the collarbone on his fourth day of duty in Iraq, Tomas Young is the focus of this documentary by Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro.

We are all Sean Bell

I was arrested this month.

Hypocrisy on veterans

This Memorial Day, we think about the more than 4,000 U.S. soldiers dead and the tens of thousands wounded in body and mind in a war based on lies, pushed by a clique of right-wing militarists and their corporate backers.

Look whos talking about the working class

If Marx and Engels were around today, listening to the corporate media pundits on cable and in print, they might have started their Manifesto with, “A specter is haunting the U.S. 2008 elections — the specter of communism.” All of a sudden these folks have discovered the working class. Talk about the disappearing middle class.

House votes challenge Bush on war

Peace advocates are calling May 15 a historic day — when the House of Representatives voted “no confidence” in President Bush’s Iraq war policy passing a series of antiwar and domestic-needs measures and defeating, temporarily, additional war funding.

Peace activist runs for Congress in New Jersey

As the June 3 state primary approaches, all eyes are on New Jersey’s First Congressional District, in the south part of the state. Last December Mahdi Ibn-Ziyad, a peace activist, declared his candidacy to run against the incumbent, Democratic Rep. Rob Andrews. Andrews, who has served for 18 years, is a long time supporter of the Iraq war and occupation.


Where goes McCain, so goes the union

CHICAGO — Wherever John McCain goes, despite efforts to keep his schedule under wraps, labor is there letting everyone know that his election would be a third term for President Bush.

Its what Audrey wanted

BRONX, N.Y. — It looked like a river of purple and yellow winding its way through the streets of the Bronx May 3. It was, in fact, the striking workers at the Kingsbridge Heights Nursing Home and their supporters from Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts and Canada — 10,000 workers wearing their SEIU union colors.

Criminal cover-up in deadly Utah mine blasts

WASHINGTON — Top company officials at the Crandall Canyon Mine in Huntington, Utah, where nine miners perished in August 2007, concealed facts that would have prevented the deaths and should be criminally charged, according to a Congressional report released May 8. The report also charged that the company should never have asked the government for permission to remove coal from the area of the mine collapse and federal officials should never have approved the request.

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