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Music and history light up Lincoln Memorial

WASHINGTON — The Lincoln Memorial, a site for many an important demonstration for civil rights, became the moving backdrop Jan. 18 for “We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial.”

California careens toward budget cliff

As California’s budget continued to careen headlong toward the cliff of insolvency, Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last week delivered a state-of-the-state address shorn of the bold pronouncements that marked his five previous addresses.

We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial slideshow

Hugs, happy faces and families were the main portraits at the “We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial.” Photographers couldn't miss any number of great shots.

40,000 at whistlestop cheer Obama on way to capital

BALTIMORE — Over 40,000 people braved bitter cold last Saturday afternoon to give Barack Obama a warm greeting as he passed through Charm City on his way to the capital to be sworn in as the nation’s 44th president Tuesday Jan. 20.

Wanda Sykes on the bailout -- lol

This is comedienne Wanda Sykes on the $700 billion bailout. Truth and hilarity all in one:


The cost of living

During a recent shopping trip to Macy’s I made a simple, but possibly profound, discovery: shit costs too much, way too much. I’m serious. I keep reading about big discounts offered by retailers due to the recession so I went shopping looking for a good buy in keeping with my $10 shirt and pants policy — I don’t spent more than 10 bucks for either. Seriously. However, I’m not seeing any big change in prices as compared to, say, six months or a year ago. What’s going on?


A peoples inauguration

WASHINGTON—Unprecedented. That’s what people are saying about the “people’s inauguration” of Barack Obama.


'He asked for mercy and was given none'

OAKLAND, Calif. — In the wake of the shooting of unarmed Oscar Grant III, 22, by Bay Area Rapid Transit policeman Johannes Mehserle early New Years morning, a broad movement is growing for far greater citizen involvement in reviewing and determining police department policies.

Politics, people, profits — 2008 headline review

There are a lot of headlines in a year. Looking through ours, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that the presidential elections and the economy topped the list. But our stories illuminated the events differently from the corporate media.

Burris likely to be seated in Senate

CHICAGO — It appears that an agreement is in the works that may allow former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris to be seated as the next U.S. senator from Illinois, filling President-elect Barack Obama’s vacant seat.

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