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Obama bulldozes GOP wall of obstruction

The president said he was forced to make the appointment now, during the current Congressional recess, if the consumer protection agency was to function.


Nebraska Farmers Union teams up with Humane Society

The new partnership will boost family farms in Nebraska and ensure that measures are taken to humanely raise meat and other animal products.


White House announces youth summer jobs program

With nearly half of all young people between the ages of 16 and 24 unemployed, the White House today announced the $1.5 billion initiative.


Movement to end corporate personhood grows

Overturning corporate personhood is a key legislative goal of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.


Romney or Santorum? Iowans say no real difference

For all the fights between the candidates, on basic economic issues the two frontrunners are essentially united.


Black church fights hateful KKK store

After a legal battle between an African church and a KKK store, a judge ruled that the church is the owner of the building where racist merchandise is sold.

Fracking cited as cause of Youngstown, Ohio, earthquake

An earthquake measuring 4.0 on the Richter scale hit Youngstown, Ohio.


Ice inside, heat on the street at Philly stadium

Several hundred members of Unite Here marched, chanted slogans and rallied in support of the food service workers, without a new contract for months.


Dead birds and fish provoke concerns

Thousands of dead herring washed ashore in northern Norway.

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