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Iraq/Afghanistan vets give support to Islamic center

Veterans call Islamic center near Ground Zero "about as pro-America as one can get."


Arizona marches against hate

PHOENIX -- It may have been Arizona's biggest demonstration ever.


Texans join Arizona's anti-SB 1070 mega-march

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- It was 4 a.m. May 28 when the "Liberation Caravan" left from the Southwest Workers Union hall here in San Antonio to join anti-SB 1070 protesters in Arizona.


Organizing for America launches grassroots 2010 voter drive

Mid-term elections seldom spur much grassroots energy, but with much at stake this fall, Organizing for America aims to change that.


Illinois election battles heat up

CHICAGO - The 2010 election year has shifted into turbo drive here. Illinois looks to be a key national battleground where the labor-led all people's coalition faces a stiff challenge to consolidate the defeat of the ultra right in 2008. A U.S. Senate seat, the governorship and statewide offices, House seats, state legislature, and county commissions are all up.


We want to take you to Pittsburgh with us

Labor history will be made in Pittsburgh next month. We’re sending a top-notch team of writers, photographers, podcasters and videographers to bring you on-the-spot coverage. You will be able to see, hear and read first-hand accounts of the AFL-CIO, Pride At Work and International Labor Communications Association national conventions.

Immigrant rights leaders welcome Obamas detention plan

Civil rights leaders and immigrant advocacy groups say they welcome President Barack Obama’s new plan to institute badly needed reforms within the country’s broken immigration detention system.

Pa. shooters blog mixed racism, sexism, despair

The gunman who killed three women and then himself at a Pittsburgh-area fitness club yesterday had a blog in which racist and sexist comments mixed with constant talk of his failure to have relationships with women, and of not having control over his life.

Calif. resolution apologizes to Chinese Americans

Though attention has focused largely on the state budget, among other issues the California legislature has dealt with this year is a unanimously-passed resolution recognizing the great contributions people of Chinese origin have made to the state’s development, and apologizing for past laws that persecuted them.

Cost of health reform becomes new battleground

Opponents of real health care reform are now zeroing in on how it will be financed. They are arguing that universal health coverage, especially a public plan, is too expensive or, if they can’t block a public option, that it should be paid for by working class Americans through a tax on their existing health coverage. In other words, anything but the plan approved by two House committees, which would tax the rich.

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