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Protesters occupy Baltimore School Board

BALTIMORE – Hundreds of chanting students, parents, and school employees rallied outside the Baltimore School Board on Dec. 9 to protest the layoff of 1,000 school workers, a drastic measure to reduce a $52 million school deficit.

Attack on California workers comp

The attack on the California Workers’ Compensation system, being orchestrated by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s corporate think tanks, dramatizes the importance of workers’ comp in state politics.

Public Health Association opposes new drug bill

Shortly before Congress passed the Bush administration-sponsored Medicare drug bill, the American Public Health Association said the bill “creates real problems in access to and the cost of prescription drug for seniors,” and urged its members to oppose it.

States face fiscal crisis

In 2004, states across the country will be experiencing their fourth straight year of budget woes. While the official explanation tends to blame a weak economy for anemic revenues, a closer examination reveals that federal policies are deeply responsible for the fiscal mess the states find themselves in.

Gay, womens groups build April 25 march

NEW YORK – As the gay rights movement grew in influence in the last decade, Richard Burns says, conservative gay groups have become more vocal, seeking to push the movement to the right.

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Cincinnati killing Questions mount on police beating

Ohio’s Hamilton County coroner ruled Dec. 3 that the death of Nathaniel Jones, 41, was a homicide. Jones, a Black man who weighed 350 pounds, was beaten to death by Cincinnati police officers, Nov. 30.

GOP: not even a lump of coal for unemployed

WASHINGTON – The majority Republican 108th Congress went home for the holidays this week having doled out sugar plums for their wealthy contributors but not even a lump of coal for millions of long-term unemployed.

Pediatric drug rule reinstated

The Pediatric Research Equity Act of 2003, which requires drug companies to test their products for use in children, has passed the House of Representatives and Senate overwhelmingly and is expected to be signed into law.

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