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Black youth killed by New York police

NEW YORK – A young African American couple was tragically torn apart as a bullet from a New York Police Department officer’s gun ended the life of 19-year-old Timothy Stansbury Jr.

Lawmaker threatens Dallas on Patriot Act

DALLAS – In an effort to intimidate the Dallas City Council to not go on record against the excesses of the USA Patriot Act, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) threatened the city’s ability to obtain Homeland Security funding.

Iowa lucha contra Bush

DES MOINES, Iowa – Los 122.000 votantes demócratas de Iowa que desafiaron el frío la noche del 19 de enero para asistir a las reuniones del Partido Demócrata para escoger su candidato presidencial fue una muestra dramática de su resolución de derrocar a George W. Bush el próximo 2 de noviembre.

Worker safety an issue for 2004 elections

North Carolina senator and Democratic presidential aspirant John Edwards criticized the Bush administration for failing to protect U.S. workers and issued a comprehensive program to strengthen the Occcupational Saftey and Health Administration (OSHA) on Dec. 31.

Protest dismantling of home health care

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – More than 1,000 home health care providers and recipients gathered Jan. 13 outside the State Capitol to answer the call to battle against Gov. Arnold Schwartzenegger and the vicious cuts he proposes as a part of solving California’s budget problems.

Watch out for this bill!

Workers’ Correspondence I just got off the phone with a very nice young woman by the name of Gail, who handles legislation and lobbying for the national office of the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C.

The politics of indices

DOW, NASDAQ, and GDP don’t truly reflect the health of the nation

National Clips

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas: Wal-Mart locks up workers / SAN FRANCISCO: DaimlerChrysler charged with murder / EDMONDS, Wash.: Slick Chevron-Texaco / TAMPA, Fla.: Patriot Act goes to court / WASHINGTON: Science panel calls for universal health care

Texans battle for voting rights

When a Republican District Attorney in Waller County, Texas wrote a letter claiming that students at Prairie View A&M University, which has an almost totally African American student population, did not necessarily have the right to vote in the county, 5,000 students marched two and a half hours in wet weather to the courthouse. There they held a big political rally and voter registration celebration.

31 years after Roe v. Wade: New generation redefines pro-choice

With its Jan. 22, 1973, ruling that abortion could no longer be illegal, the Supreme Court ushered in a new era for the rights of women, children and families.

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