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Texas holds best secret election money can buy

HOUSTON — Texas held its March 7 primary election in virtual secrecy. Only 5.3 percent of the electorate voted in the Republican primary and 4.1 percent in the Democratic primary.


Vermont city elects Progressive mayor

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Bob Kiss, the Progressive Party candidate for mayor, swept to a surprise victory here March 7. Running against a Democrat, Republican and two independents, Kiss, a state representative, confounded pundits and pulled an upset. His election was also the first mayoral race in the country to be conducted under the rules of instant runoff voting.


Katrina homeless march on White House

WASHINGTON — Hurricane Katrina survivors marched from Capitol Hill to the White House, March 14, stopping at FEMA along the way, to demand that President Bush reverse FEMA’s decision to evict 10,000 hurricane evacuees from hotels and motels that day.



Campus antiwar group fights spying Student tutors lead strike Blacklisting 101 Sex education article censored


H.S. students honor International Women’s Day Czech youth fight ‘thought control’ Campus far-right warps freedom of speech New York event raises $14,000


CPUSA call: Oust the GOP in 2006!

NEW YORK — Leaders of the Communist Party USA, meeting here March 4-5, warned that the Bush administration, aided and abetted by the Republican-majority Congress, has plunged the nation into the “worst constitutional crisis since the Civil War.”

S. Dakota passes anti-woman law: Anti-abortion bill hurts poor, part of wider attack on women

South Dakota’s Republican Gov. Mike Rounds set the stage for an epic women’s rights battle when he signed a state law March 6 making all abortions a crime, including in cases of rape, incest and situations endangering the mother’s health. It would only permit abortion to save the woman’s life. En español:

St. Louis protesters challenge anti-gay conference

ST. LOUIS — Over 350 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists, community allies and friends protested outside of an anti-gay conference here Feb. 25.

Social Security still on Bush-corporate hit list

A vampire is not really dead until a wooden stake is pushed through its heart (so they say). The Vampire of the Empire arose last month and presented to Congress a federal budget proposal containing a Social Security privatization plan that, unless defeated, will suck the blood out of America’s seniors and future seniors.


Fighting for the same rights over and over

We were talking about the future of the women’s movement. It was back in the early ’70s, when the women’s movement was taking off, inspired by the civil rights movement.

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