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Labor eyes quick passage of new organizing law

WASHINGTON (PAI) — The new Democratic-run House in the 110th Congress will pass the Employee Free Choice Act, AFL-CIO Legislative Director Bill Samuel said in a Nov. 8 interview. “It will be nice to be playing offense for the first time in my career.”


Now is time to move on health care, Conyers says

CHICAGO — Health care activists from around the country gathered here for a strategy meeting Nov. 11-12, energized in the wake of the Democrats winning control of both houses of Congress.

Labor hits the ground running

CLEVELAND — Flush with victory in the Nov. 7 elections, Cleveland’s labor activists, like their counterparts elsewhere, are pressing to broaden the base of their movement and are already taking initiatives to guarantee that campaign promises are realized.

EDITORIAL: Hail victory, move forward

It was about Iraq, corruption, economic insecurity and the failure of government during Katrina. And no matter what name was on the ballot, it was about George W. Bush and the disastrous policies of the Republican ultra-right.


Voters clean house: Rejecting Bush agenda, Americans look for new direction

WASHINGTON — Fired by anger and disgust with George W. Bush, the Iraq war, corporate greed, corruption and human needs cutbacks, voters went to the polls Nov. 7 and terminated 12 years of Republican control of the U.S. House of Representatives. A switch to Democratic control of the Senate hinged on the undecided Virginia race, with the Democrat leading at press time.


Oklahoma dreams and nightmares, The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town

Ada isn’t just the three-letter answer to the crossword puzzle clue “town in Oklahoma.” It isn’t just the place that old-timers remember passing through as they traveled north from Dallas. It isn’t just my hometown. Ada is the setting for world famous John Grisham’s new nonfiction book about the American justice system and some of its victims.

Defeat the GOP to stop their anti-immigrant drive

Supporters of immigrants’ rights, who showed their strength by the mass marches during the spring, have mobilized to end the Republican right’s stranglehold on Congress and state governments in the elections this week. In this, they have the support of labor and many other sectors.

The Tigers and the spirit of Detroit

They came so close, and for most Detroiters that was more than enough — and we did beat the Yankees. The Tigers bounced back from one of the worst slumps in baseball history. The question is, can the city of Detroit also bounce back?

EDITORIAL: Your vote matters!

To the credit of the American people — and despite all the Bush administration/Repub-lican efforts at intimidation, threats, lies, spin and mudslinging — polls have shown the Bush Republicans in a free fall. In this highly charged atmosphere, with so many tight races, each vote can make the difference.


We too sing America. The struggle for African American equality, from slavery to today

Returning this fall to the campus where he became a professor, Walter R. Allen led a mainly student audience at the University of Michigan’s School of Education through the history of the African American struggle against segregation and racism. He said that he hoped this approach would help many of them better understand the historical context in which this November’s ballot drive by the right wing to overturn affirmative action in Michigan is taking place.

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