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Goodyear workers strike to stop plant closings

PITTSBURGH — “How would you feel if you worked a lifetime to build a great company, made sacrifices to save the company and now are being told that the company, after paying millions in bonuses to top management and investing in low-wage countries, needs to close more American plants?

Trail of sleaze paved with corporate cash

WASHINGTON — “Under the Influence,” an Oct. 9 report by Public Citizen’s Congress Watch, exposes the torrent of corporate cash pouring into the coffers of Republican incumbents scrambling to stave off defeat in the Nov. 7 election.

Hot Brooklyn primaries yield mixed results

A major battle over economic and political direction was fought in last month’s Democratic primaries in Brooklyn, N.Y. Nearly 2 million people live in central and downtown Brooklyn. Seventy percent are African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Latinos, Asians and Arabs, overwhelmingly working-class and many poverty-stricken.

Virginias good ol boy keeps getting uglier

Just a couple of months ago Virginia Sen. George Allen, one of the more nasty reactionary incumbents up for re-election this year, was being talked about as a potential GOP presidential candidate for 2008. As for the Virginia election, people said it was Allen’s to lose, against newcomer Democrat Jim Webb, who is a critic of the Iraq war.

Ask the Communists

I was taught by my parents that nothing is free; everything has a cost to someone. How can a society provide free quality education? Were my parents wrong all this time and I didn’t know it?

A learning experience for progressive politics

The weekend before the Aug. 8 Missouri primary, half a dozen St. Louis volunteers went to Kenett where a historic state rep. race was going on. We volunteered to help Pat Allen, who would have been the first African American woman state rep. in southern Missouri. Though her opponent won the primary, the campaign was an important learning experience and in many ways a victory.

EDITORIAL: The corpse of habeas corpus

Habeas corpus is a legal protection embedded in centuries of English common law that guarantees a prisoner the right to petition the court if unlawfully imprisoned. It’s guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Until now.

EDITORIAL: Violence in America

School is barely open a month and six young girls and a principal are dead. Five girls remain in the hospital with gunshot wounds. The tragedy for the families and communities is profound.


Board slashes workers rights to join unions

By a razor-thin margin, the National Labor Relations Board voted 3-2 on Oct. 3 to immediately rob up to 8 million workers of their right to belong to a union.


Action urged to ensure all can vote, Groups mobilize to defend voting rights on Nov. 7

Unless urgent action is taken, millions of Americans may be denied their right to vote and have their vote counted this November, voting rights advocates warn.

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