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Bush veto would strip 5 million kids of health care

President Bush’s threatened veto of legislation to renew and expand the popular State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) puts at risk medical insurance for 5 million or more poor children, according to fighters for children’s health care.


Iraq Moratorium asks How many more will die?

CHICAGO — Dozens of peace activists, covered in white sheets, some stained with fake blood, lay motionless on the concrete with red carnations atop their bodies in a “die-in” at Federal Plaza here Sept. 21, symbolizing the mounting death toll of the Iraq war.

After historic march: No justice yet for Jena 6

JENA, La. — The day after tens of thousands marched to free the Jena Six, Melissa Bell stepped out of the LaSalle Parish Courthouse in tears Sept. 21 after the judge denied bail for her son, Mychal Bell.

EDITORIAL: No blank check on justice

Media pundits, commentators and spin doctors are busy once again, interpreting the choice by President Bush of Michael B. Mukasey to replace the disgraced Antonio Gonzales as attorney general. Missing from most of the “analysis” is the fact that Bush has turned the entire Justice Department, if not justice in America itself, into a shambles.

Auto union, GM at odds

DETROIT — Having named General Motors the “strike target” in their negotiations with Detroit’s Big Three auto companies on Sept. 13, the United Auto Workers union had still not reached an agreement with GM as the People’s Weekly World went to press. The contract was scheduled to expire Sept. 14, but was being extended on a day-to-day basis as talks continued.

After partial victory, momentum builds for Jena 6

Facing an angry firestorm, a state appeals court overturned the conviction of 17-year-old Mychal Bell on aggravated battery charges stemming from his resistance to a racist hate crime in the town of Jena in central Louisiana last year. Yet Bell still remains in jail.

More on Barry Bonds and the all-American game

For the last several years we have seen a feeding frenzy targeting one of baseball’s greatest players of all time. What is behind these attacks? Is it that one man went astray in an otherwise pure game? Or simply a case of cheating?

New ID card unifies the Elm City

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The big success of the Elm City Residents Card, which has received an overwhelmingly positive response here, has also become a model for other cities. The history of the new ID card is a history filled with the struggle for immigrant rights and workers’ rights.

Public education is new freedom struggle

While large numbers of young people now start school in August, Labor Day weekend still marked the “official” end of summer vacation for hundreds of thousands of others. For too many of these youngsters, the excitement of a new school year will wear off quickly as they feel the impact of underfunded schools forced to deal with the emphasis on high-stakes testing.


Detroits Labor Day challenges anti-union drive

DETROIT — Among the many Labor Day parades and picnics across the country last week, this city’s parade had a special edge. While the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News carried editorials supporting anti-union “right-to-work” bills pending in the state Legislature, tens of thousands of trade unionists marching in the heart of Detroit served notice that the attack on labor rights will not go unanswered.

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