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Coalition mobilizes to protect the vote

The Baltimore Sun debunked Republican charges that ACORN is flooding state election boards with phony voter registration cards. “This sounds more like partisan sniping than legitimate complaints aimed at protecting ballot box integrity,” the Oct. 13 Sun editorial charged. ACORN is required by law to deliver all voter registration cards, including duplicates and those improperly filled out, to election boards, and ACORN flagged all faulty cards, the Sun said. “ACORN says it’s registered 1.3 million voters nationwide. Any operation that big is bound to produce errors but the irregularities cited by GOP critics are miniscule compared with the number of valid applications.”


Michigan: McCain on the run

WARREN, Mich. — When Malcolm Wright moved here 23 years ago, this predominantly white, Catholic, working-class Detroit suburb was known as a home of “Reagan Democrats” — traditionally Democratic voters who voted en masse for Republican Ronald Reagan in 1980. Now this suburb may switch again and vote Democratic for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. What a difference decades of far-right policies make, some would say.


Largest U.S. fast aims to turn out voters

LOS ANGELES — The largest hunger strike in U.S. history will begin Oct. 15, to call attention to voter mobilization, immigrant rights organizers say. One hundred dedicated activists will encamp at the historic heart of Los Angeles — La Placita Olvera — to fast for 21 days before the Nov. 4 elections.

Black Caucus: in the thick of making history

WASHINGTON — The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation held its 38th Annual Legislative Conference at the Walter Washington Convention Center here Sept. 24-27. The four-day event is one of the largest predominantly Black political gatherings in the country.

Suddenly, Indiana is a battleground

HAMMOND, Ind. -- John McCain’s in real trouble. The state of Indiana which has not voted Democratic in a presidential election since 1964 and which George Bush won by 18 percent in 2004, is suddenly a battleground. Most recent polls show the race with Sen. Barack Obama a toss-up.


Ohio: Reclaim America

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Twenty thousand excited voters turned out at the Ohio State University campus here Oct. 5 to hear Bruce Springsteen perform and call for people to register, vote and “take back our country.”

What to know about your voting rights

Are you registered to vote? Where should you vote? Do you need ID? Should you vote early? How do you protect your rights?


Black Caucus: Predatory lending caused meltdown

WASHINGTON — “A crisis of credit, housing and jobs” is confronting the country today, warned Marc Morial, president of the Urban League, at a Congressional Black Caucus town hall meeting here Sept. 25. Headlined “Foreclosure Crisis: Repercussion, Reasons, and Real Solutions,” the meeting drew several hundred community leaders, officials and members of Congress.

Latinos: Now is the time to vote

Latino groups and Spanish-language media companies are conducting a national campaign called “Ya Es Hora, Ve Y Vota,” which means “Now is the time, go and vote,” giving eligible voters tools to register online and telling them how to locate where they’re supposed to vote in November.


New South Africa president spurs hope for workers, poor

Workers and the poor of South Africa looked to “a new dawn” following the leadership upheaval in the country’s dominant party, the African National Congress. With only months left in his second and final term, Thabo Mbeki resigned as the country’s president, following a call by his own party to vacate the post. The decision by the party’s National Executive Committee followed a judge’s ruling throwing out fraud and bribery charges against ANC President Jacob Zuma.

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