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Sept. 11: Continuing to mourn the dead, fight for the living

Tammy Johnson from Saratoga, N.Y. pays her respects to the thousands of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack at the site where the World Trade Center once stood.


Maines senate race in play

LEWISTON, Maine — The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) has become a prime point of controversy in a hard-fought contest as Democratic Representative Tom Allen challenges Republican Senator Susan Collins for the Senate seat she has held since 1996.

Alaskans debunk governors record

Anne Kilkenny, a resident of Wasilla, Alaska, who says she has known Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin since childhood, wrote in a widely circulated email that Palin is known in the state as “Sarah Barracuda” because of her “unbridled ambition and predatory ruthlessness.”

A good reason to donate

It was the creation of the labor movement that brought about decent living standards, “the weekend” and the “middle class” in the United States and countries around the world.

Michigan: door-by-door battleground

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Any way you shake out the electoral math, Michigan may be the key to a winning scenario for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. While Kerry won the state by four points in 2004, no one in the Obama campaign is taking the state for granted.


Angelenos call: Good jobs, dignity, elect Obama

LOS ANGELES — “From Labor Day to Election Day we are in the final stretch of our Fight for Good Jobs campaign and we must sprint to the finish on Nov. 4” with a voter turnout to elect Barack Obama as president, said Los Angeles labor leader Maria Elena Durazo here at the Sept. 1 Labor Day breakfast at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Los Angeles.

Running from their record on hurricanes

As hurricanes Hanna and Ike threatened the East and Gulf Coasts, respectively, after Gustav slammed into Louisiana, critics charged that the GOP is trying to draw attention away from John McCain’s support for government neglect of New Orleans since Katrina three years ago. Bush administration policy backed by McCain, they said, left the city vulnerable when Gustav hit last week and leaves it vulnerable to future hurricanes

McCains far-right VP stirs sharp opposition

John McCain’s choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate stirred sharp opposition from women’s organizations, the labor movement, environmental groups and others. Many see it as plunging the McCain campaign further into the hands of the ultra-right.


Underground Railroad museum: Beacon of hope, progress

CINCINNATI — The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, nestled between the Bengals and Reds stadiums here, is a beacon of hope and progress for working people everywhere. Open since 2004, it is a tribute to those brave people who struggled for freedom and justice against the oppressive system of slavery.


Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Labor Day

CLEVELAND — While still in mourning and shock at the unexpected Aug. 20 death of Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the Greater Cleveland community will celebrate her life in an unprecedented Labor Day parade and festival, which her efforts helped bring about.

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