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Obama budget prioritizes healthcare, workers and environment

After a stunning victory in Congress which passed his budget priorities last month, President Obama unveiled the details of his 2010 budget May 7th.

The battle continues over unemployment funds

Facing South has been covering the ongoing saga of Southern Republican governors vs. the federal stimulus. A handful of GOP rising star governors - including those in Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and Alabama - have been making headlines these past couple of months for rejecting unemployment benefits from the $787 billion federal stimulus package.

People. People who don't need 'People'

From a pool of about seven billion, those hard-working geniuses at People magazine have managed to find the 100 most beautiful people in the whole wide world. And -- get ready for the surprise -- almost all of those beautiful people are rich American celebrities.

On his 90th, Pete is toasted in big towns and small

SEQUIM, WA. — “For Pete Sake, Sing!” celebrations of Pete Seeger’s 90th Birthday were held across the U.S. and around the world Sunday May 3, with a throng of 20,000 at the jam-packed birthday party at Madison Square Garden.

The social costs of war today

Even as President Obama has ordered the gradual withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, the ongoing occupation of that country along with the planned escalation of the war in Afghanistan will cost Americans billions that might otherwise fund important social programs, according to new online tools created by the National Priorities Project (NPP).

Nuf said, its all about Adam and Allison on American Idol

After watching “American Idol” last night as the top four remaining performers sang famous rock & roll hits, there’s no question about it, Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert will be the final two singing for the gold in the coming weeks.

Obama urged to appoint pro-choice, pro-equality justice

President Obama hasn’t chosen a nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter yet, but civil rights and women’s equality advocates are speaking out to insure that a pro-choice, pro-equality justice is seated on the high court.

Unions put paid family leave on the table

Not so long ago, family-friendly benefits were mainly considered the concern of young female workers. But no more, says sociologist and labor leader Jamie F. Dangler.

Howard Dean: Public health insurance is 'core fight'

Winning a public health insurance option for all Americans is the “core fight” in the health care reform battle, former Gov. Howard Dean told more than 1,300 people in a national online conference organized by MoveOn.org. last night.

Message to the Chicago Haymarket Memorial Ceremony

For all of us in the AFL-CIO—for the millions of women and men who build our houses, teach our kids, fight our fires, and nurse us back to health—this is a special day. On this May Day, we join our sisters and brothers from Chicago, and Colombia, and Iraq, and all over the world at one of the most sacred sites for working people everywhere—the Chicago Haymarket monument.

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