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March Madness: 30 percent player turnover mars tourney teams

This weekend, and for the next two of college basketball’s “March Madness,” tens of millions of TV viewers will be tuning into the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA’s) tournament.

COMMENTARY: Gall and Cheney

Hell hath no fury like an ex-Vice President scorned. Or so it seems. Former Vice President Dick Cheney, still smarting over the fact that former President George W. Bush failed to grant a full and complete pardon to Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, has grabbed a rhetorical shotgun and and toothbrush and is shooting his mouth off again. This time he states that Americans feel less safe now that President Barack Obama is in the White House.

The death and life of great American newspapers

After years of neglecting signs of trouble, elite opinion-makers have begun in recent months to recognize that things have gone horribly awry.

March 21: International day for elimination of racism

The global economic crisis cannot be successfully resolved if the solution leaves out workers who are discriminated against because of their race or ethnic origin.

At failed firms, no bad deed goes unrewarded

SAN FRANCISCO, Mar 20 (IPS) - Thousands of angry U.S. workers took to the streets Thursday to protest some major banks and insurance companies that have handed out extravagant bonuses on the taxpayers' dime, as the U.S. House of Representatives voted to get some of the bonus money back.

New Mexico repeals death penalty

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson signed legislation today abolishing the death penalty in New Mexico, making it the second state to repeal the death penalty since a U.S. Supreme Court decision reinstated it in 1976. Fourteen other states do not permit the death penalty.

COMMENTARY: Obama's budget could do more for single moms

(WOMENSENEWS)--President Obama says we are entering a new era of financial responsibility. Single mothers have always done more with less; they know all about that.

Marijuana legalisation creates buzz

WASHINGTON, Mar 18 (IPS) - Due perhaps in part to the country's economic woes, but also a major shift in political culture, discussion of marijuana legalisation has risen to a level of openness and prominence previously unseen in the United States.

Michael Jackson planning more surgery

Michael Jackson wants to change his face. The 'Thriller' singer - who will perform 50 shows at The O2 arena, in London, starting in July - is reportedly planning to have plastic surgery to ensure he looks his best on stage.

Windsor auto workers seize shuttered plant

(CBC) - A group of workers at a recently closed auto parts supply company in Windsor, Ontario, Canada have taken over the plant.

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