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PITTSBURGH: Peace, education keys to election / MONTGOMERY, Ala.: Death penalty moratorium on agenda / BRUNSWICK, Ga.: Free speech under attack / DES MOINES, Iowa: Bush nixes student reporters

Its about control

Con·trol – power or authority to guide or manage. When it comes down to it, so many issues in life orbit around this single word and subsequent questions like – who controls what?

Is birth control next?

“The lady came over to the window and said, ‘I’m so sorry I’m not going to be able to fill your prescription.’ I said, ‘Is there something wrong with the prescription?’ And she said, ‘No, I just personally do not believe in birth control.’” click here for Spanish text

10,000 march against violence in Philly

NORTH PHILADELPHIA – Dee Smith pushed her son, Marcus, in a wheelchair. Other mothers carried poster-size photos of their children – Michael Keel, 14; Keith Lovett, 17; Jason Sweeney, 16; Thiayanna Son, 10; Antwine Kellam, 18; Faheem Thomas-Childs, 10; Jazmine McDonald, 13; and Kyree Cohen, 17 – all killed in acts of violence.

Pittsburgh Students battle racism

PITTSBURGH – It was a ticking time bomb bred in segregation and fed by arrogance that exploded on the front pages of two student publications in affluent communities recently.

Mad cows and sick chickens: capitalism and the food supply

Are you becoming afraid of the grocery store? If you are, it’s no wonder. Mad cow disease, avian flu, and mercury in salmon are the latest dangers to our food supply.

Starving Section 8 housing to fund war

SEATTLE – The new Bush budget would devastate the Section 8 housing program, the National Low-Income Housing Coalition has warned.

National Clips

HUNTINGTON, W.Va.: 500 workers, students protest Bush / CHARLOTTE, N.C.: Demand for jobs heats up / ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.: How to maximize profits? Steal / ELBACON, W.Va.: Seventh miner killed on job in 2004 / DETROIT: Car dealers sue DaimlerChrysler

In Massachusetts: Same-sex couples set to wed in May

Despite potential setbacks, gay and lesbian couples will be able to wed in the state of Massachusetts in a matter of weeks.

Voters say No to Wal-Mart

By a 60 percent vote, residents of Inglewood, Calif., rejected a ballot initiative April 6 that would have given Wal-Mart Corp.

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