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Best health insurance deal in the United States

I want to tell you about the best health insurance deal in the United States, bar none. Here it is: The purchaser pays $35 per month. In return he or she gets ...

School budget battle looms in New York

BUFFALO, N.Y. – As the deadline for New York’s 2004-5 budget approaches, education rights activists are demanding the state find money to comply with last year’s ruling that every child be provided with a “meaningful high school education.”

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APPLETON, Wis.:Protesters vow to ‘disappear’ Bush / WASHINGTON: Students arrested for defending worker rights / BROOKLYN, N.Y.: Profits from slavery challenged / BIRMINGHAM, Ala.: NAACP to register new voters / SILVER SPRING, Md.: Peace Action says defeat Bush / WASHINGTON: Bush legalizes firing gays

White House targets Medicare, Social Security

Muttering into a microphone he thought was off, John Kerry called the Bush administration “the most crooked, lying group I have ever seen.” click here for Spanish text