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Protests at GOP meet to hit health crisis

The National Council of Churches, along with 100 other organizations, has sent the clarion call to everyone protesting the anti-people policies of the Bush administration and its congressional allies.

Patriot Act nixes privacy

HOUSTON — Confident-iality is a concept that is crucial to a number of professional relationships and has been safeguarded by a number of professional organizations for many years.

National Clips

PITTSBURGH: ‘Health care, not warfare’; DENVER: Renewable, Green heat and electricity; LOUISVILLE, Ky.: Kroger workers approve contract; CHARLESTON, W.Va.: Rainbow/Push, unions plan Labor Day; ATLANTA: African American woman to run for Senate

Anti-immigrant law hit

HOUSTON — U.S. Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) has introduced controversial legislation to sharply curtail the rights and daily activities of immigrants.