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The Thrill and the Agony

Royals jack up the Sox, 13-9 At the All-Star Break in mid-July, the Kansas City Royals were seven games ahead of the Chicago White Sox in the race for first place of the American League Central Division. But over a series at the end of the month, the Royals extended a special hospitality to the visiting White Sox, allowing them over 30 total runs in three games and to sweep the series.

Chicagoans fight for affordable energy

CHICAGO – With the hottest summer months still ahead of us, a Chicago group is charging that Chicago’s electric utility, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), is violating the provisions of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Groups speak out against Pryor

A Senate vote to cut off debate on the nomination of right-wing Alabama Attorney General William Pryor to the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals failed to garner the 60 votes necessary on July 31.

ACLU: Patriot Act must go

DETROIT, Mich. – “We know from our clients that the FBI is once again targeting ethnic, religious, and political minority communities disproportionately,” says Ann Beeson, associate legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union and member of the legal team heading up the ACLU’s recently filed lawsuit against the U.S. government.

Big stakes in Calif. recall

LOS ANGELES – The effort to recall California Gov. Gray Davis involves more than the fate of a Democratic governor. At stake is the future political direction not only of California but our nation.

Protest message to White House: More jobs, less bull

CHICAGO – As George W. Bush settles into his Crawford ranch for his carefree, month-long vacation, working families are saddled with worries about jobs, health care and the state of the economy. Over three million jobs have been lost since Bush took office in January 2001, hemorrhaging at a rate of 110,700 per month.

Victory against lead poisoning in NYC

In the early 1980s, public health, children’s advocates and pro-people politicians won passage of a law that required the elimination of all lead-based paint, where it exists, in New York City residential housing. It was known a Local Law No. 1.

Soldier misses Texas

In North Texas, we worry about Sal, our soldier friend in Iraq. So far the silent periods haven’t meant any of the horrible things we imagined, and we got another message from him last week.

Tucson to welcome Freedom Riders

A broad coalition of labor, immigrant rights, and faith-based organizations is coming together to plan a grand welcome for the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride when it reaches Tucson on Sept. 24.

National Clips

MARKS, Miss.:Poor people’s march, 35 years later / WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.:Feds find ‘foul play,’ not suicide / OAK RIDGE, Tenn.:Police infiltrate peace groups / HARRISBURG, Penn.:Hold mine owners responsible for safety