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San Francisco hotel workers march for a new citywide pact

SAN FRANCISCO ― As contracts covering some 9,000 hotel workers were expiring Aug. 14, hundreds of workers and community supporters marched down Market St., the city’s main thoroughfare, and past several prime tourist hotels, proclaiming their determination to win a good new agreement with over 60 of the city’s best-known hotels.

More job stimulus desperately needed

Economic reports for July showing unemployment rising, retail sales falling and mortgage foreclosures at an all time high, touched off warnings from economists: only stronger action by the federal government to create jobs, extend unemployment benefits and stop foreclosures can turn the economy around.

Bloombergs grip may be slipping

NEW YORK—“Rich guys don’t always win.” That’s what Mayor Michael Bloomberg told the Working Families Party forum July 6. Unfortunately for Bloomberg, his statement may prove true in November.

Soldier resists Afghanistan deployment

Sgt. Travis Bishop served 14 months in Iraq before he was ordered to deploy to war stricken Afghanistan. Yet he refused to go and calls the war “illegal.” He is the second soldier in the past two weeks to resist the war from Fort Hood. Bishop believes it’s unethical to support the occupation in Afghanistan on moral and legal grounds.


Oklahomans battle poultry companies to save their rivers

Oklahoma’s attorney general is suing Tyson Foods and other poultry processors, charging them with polluting an area of his state known for its chain of scenic lakes and rivers.


Sea Stories and Other Dirty Lies, Movie Review: In the Loop

I am grateful to the British facility with language for not having any tattoos anywhere on my skin, and for one of the best movies of recent times.