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DREAM Act has majority support, but not Rubio “plan”

The vast majority of people in the United States support the DREAM Act.


Immigrants protest harsh deportation policy

Immigrant workers and their families from across northern Ohio rallied  May 11  to protest rising deportations of parents of U.S. citizen children.


Undocumented youth, Latino voters protest Romney in Indiana

Braving the elements, undocumented youth and Latino voters from acros Indiana came out to voice opposition to Mitt Romney's extreme immigration rhetoric.


State of the Union address, DREAM Act Undocumented youth respond

In his State of the Union address, the president described the challenges faced by undocumented youth: many of them are already responding favorably: "I'm a DREAMer and I believe myself to be an American. I have hope."


Could the DREAM Act have saved Joaquin Luna's life?

In his last words to his brother, Luna said he couldn't accomplish his dreams because there was a huge wall blocking him from fulfilling his goals.


Young Latinos keeping their eyes on the prize for immigration reform

A major topic discussed during the Take Back the American Dream conference here last week was immigrant rights and fighting for the DREAM Act.


ICE still targeting DREAM youth despite new Obama policy

Matias Ramos, 25, was about to board a plane during a domestic flight last year when immigration officials in Minneapolis detained him for 12 hours.


California’s DREAM Act poised to become reality

California is poised to become the first state to grant undocumented immigrant college students access to publicly funded financial aid.


Illinois governor signs state DREAM Act into law

In a packed auditorium at the Benito Juarez high school, hundreds of elected officials, students, community leaders and immigrant rights supporters watched as Gov. Pat Quinn signed the Illinois DREAM Act into law.


APALA fights wage theft

"It will take all of us to change things in corporate America," APALA President Luisa Blue said.

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