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Waiting begins on Prop. 8 ruling

Now that their testimony has been heard in California’s Supreme Court, the wait has begun for marriage equality activists seeking to overturn a constitutional amendment passed by voters in November, declaring that marriage is between a man and a woman.

White House health summit addresses basic reform issues

The general issues of health care reform – reducing costs, expanding access and improving the quality of health care – served as the main topic of the first break-out session of the White House health care reform summit on March 5th.

The stimulus bill & clean energy: Getting the most for the money

Labor, community and environmental organizations are organizing to make sure the $113.5 billion the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides for clean energy is used most effectively and that workers are ready to meet the new challenges.

Woodfin workers take another step toward victory

With the Emeryville, Calif. City Council’s confirmation this week that the Woodfin Suites Hotel must pay them some $200,000 in back wages, dozens of current and former workers advanced one more step toward victory in over three years of struggle for fair treatment.

White House opens health care summit

Following on the heels of the Obama administration's announcement of its proposal for a $634 billion health care fund as part of its first budget, the White House opened its first health care reform summit today, March 5th.

Have you joined the Facebook revolution?

“I Facebook, therefore I am,” was a headline I read online recently. Almost everyone I know has a Facebook account and it seems people are more and more joining a growing cultural trend of cyber-social networking. If you don’t already have an on-line account, many would argue your missing the boat. Facebook like many social-networking sites has become an increasingly popular outlet that connects computer heads worldwide much closer than anyone could have imagined 25 years ago.

The depleted uranium cover-up

The best-kept secret in America today is the deadly effect our depleted uranium (DU) weapons are having, not only on our enemies, but on our own loved ones who have served in our wars since the 1991 Gulf War where DU was first used.

Labor movement backs bank nationalization

MIAMI — The nation’s largest labor federation has called for nationalization of the nation’s major banks. In a detailed statement, the AFL-CIO, at its executive council meeting here, called on the Obama administration to intervene when significant financial institutions are on the brink of collapse. But those interventions must “protect the public interest, and not merely rescue executives or wealthy investors,” the labor group declared.

COMMENTARY: Republican Party racism is at fever pitch

Recently the Republican-owned New York Post ran a scurrilous racist cartoon comparing Obama to the Connecticut chimpanzee that was shot dead by the police. The headline read, “Who’s going to write the stimulus package now?”, a more than a sub-textual suggestion that assassinating President Obama is an option to those who disagree with him. I think that is against the law.

Few safety nets for women of color

UNITED NATIONS, Mar 2 (IPS) - As hundreds of activists from around the world descend on the United Nations Monday for a major two-week meeting on women's rights and equality, the economic crisis here in the host country is continuing to have an especially heavy toll on women of colour.

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