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CORRUPTION-US: How Wall Street paid for its own funeral

WASHINGTON, Mar 4 (IPS) - A new report says that Wall Street has only itself to blame for the misguided deregulation that led to the current deepening financial crisis.

Climate protesters surround Capitol coal plant

A nonviolent protest underway in Washington aims to shut down the U.S. Capitol's own coal-fired power plant to demand federal action on the deepening climate crisis.

Health advocates tell Capitol Hill: go for single-payer, not Mass. plan

A packed Capitol Hill forum Feb. 25 heard a warning that national health care reform should steer clear of the problems Massachusetts has experienced with its state program.

Economist: Encouraging family-friendly workplace policies

For over a generation now, families have been struggling to figure how to balance work and responsibilities at home. Most children—over 70 percent—grow up in a family with either a working single parent or with two parents who both work. Because both men and women are overwhelmingly likely to be working, most families do not have a stay-at-home parent or anyone available to provide care if a family member falls ill.

World Baseball Classic brings together 16 nations

For most, around this time of year, “March Madness” is all about college basketball and that’s totally cool. Really, college ball is for real. No doubt. Lots of props there.

Florida springs into action for public education

ORLANDO, Fla. -- “Make Our Schools a Priority” was the call from about 6,000 voices at a statewide education rally in here Feb. 28, the weekend before the legislative session begins in Tallahassee.

Time to restructure mortgages, bank system

The home foreclosure crisis and the implosion of the nation’s banking system are so closely linked the federal government must address both at the same time—and time is running out, says Damon Silvers, a member of the congressional oversight committee examining how the U.S. Treasury Department is spending taxpayer money in the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) to help bailout the financial system.

U.S. prepares for change on Cuba

Congress is beginning to act on Cuba. Justifications for lifting the U.S. blockade of Cuba have gained currency. The policy has had bipartisan support for almost half a century.

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