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EDITORIAL: Stop new reality show!

The Republican presidential candidates are now vying with each other to see who can bash immigrants the hardest. Those who in the past have appeared more pro-immigrant are now jumping on the bashing bandwagon.

EDITORIAL: American coup anniversary

The following is excerpted from a People’s Weekly World editorial on the Dec. 12, 2000, Supreme Court decision re: Bush v. Gore, which started on page one of that edition. As we head into the 2008 presidential elections, we reprint it here to commemorate the seventh anniversary of a “very American coup.”

Report: Step up fight vs. AIDS among Latinos

CHICAGO — Last October the Greater Humboldt Park Community of Wellness, a coalition of health-related groups here, released a report titled “A Call To Action: Regarding HIV/AIDS Among Illinois’ Latino Communities” that investigated the community’s current response to the disease.

Striking screenwriters refuse to surrender

Those who think it is only a matter of time before striking screenwriters cave in to the Hollywood producers are not getting what this strike, now supported by two-thirds of the public, is all about. This point was made clear Dec. 7 when talks between the writers and producers broke down.

Civil rights leaders demand foreclosure halt

NEW YORK — Outside the New York Stock Exchange Dec. 10, holiday music competed with the chants of “Save our homes!” A few yards away from the Wall Street Christmas tree display, hundreds of protesters gathered to demand a swift and decisive response by government and big business to the growing subprime loan crisis sweeping the nation.

EDITORIAL: Shopping & dropping

“Black Friday” has become a peculiar American institution. Retailers have promoted the day after Thanksgiving as the opening of the holiday shopping season, counting on this day to roll in a good percentage of their yearly sales — to get them out of the “red” of loss and put them in the “black” of profit.

GOP recruits millionaires to replace those who fly the coop

NEW YORK — Republicans are hoping to retake control of Congress by recruiting right-wing millionaires to run for office in districts now represented by pro-labor and antiwar representatives elected in 2006.

Home foreclosures are now at 2 million per year: What you can do to save homes

Home foreclosures will remain at the rate of 2 million per year well into 2008. Before the crisis is over, 3 million families — homeowners and renters — may have been kicked out of their homes, often losing everything in the process.

Grabbing food from mouths of babies

WASHINGTON — This is the season for feasting and good cheer. But President Bush, like Ebenezer Scrooge, is waging a mean crusade to force more than half a million poor women, infants and children off the WIC nutrition program.

Fortresses of working-class power

A nightmare for progressives leading up to the Nov. 7 elections was that Maryland voters would go against the grain and elect Republican Michael Steele, an African American, to the U.S. Senate seat held by retiring Democrat Paul Sarbanes.

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