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Religion hits the Iowa race

It seems to be a whole new race for both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates in Iowa. This is particularly true for the Republican candidates, who were in a lackluster campaign until Romney, the leader of the pack, saw Huckabee closing in on him from near the back of the pack, and actually nosing ahead by a couple of points. Romney had to do something to stop this momentum.

Where have all the birds gone?

During the next two weeks, from Dec. 14, 2007, until Jan. 5, 2008, the Audubon Society will conduct the 108th annual Christmas Bird Count across the nation. Last year, nearly 70 million birds were counted by 58,000 volunteers, a record level of participation.

Coal company keeps miners on street for holidays

PITTSBURGH — Despite a rare, pro-labor ruling from the National Labor Relations Board, union coal miners who once worked at the Mammoth Mine in Kanawha County, W.Va., near Charleston, have still not been allowed to return to work

Unions bring holiday cheer in hard times

COLUMBUS, Ohio — For over two decades, unions here have mobilized during the holiday season to give food and children’s gifts to needy families. This year, however, the campaign was bittersweet. The hundreds of union volunteers who braved the brutal cold to get the gifts out at the big United Auto Workers Local 969 hall on the city’s west side had heard that the Delphi plant where the local’s members worked was being closed.

House and Senate OK budget that falls short on human needs

WASHINGTON — Millions of children, senior citizens, sick and disabled people will suffer because President Bush and his Republican allies in Congress blocked increased funding for low-income programs contained in a domestic spending bill approved this week.

Auto mileage to rise, but Big Oil keeps grip on Congress

The Senate voted almost unanimously Dec. 13 to raise car and truck fuel economy standards for the first time in 30 years. The bill, passed 86-8, requires a 40 percent increase in fuel economy for U.S. vehicles, to an average of 35 miles a gallon by 2020.

What likely Iowa caucus goers have to say

As the race for the 2008 presidential elections gains momentum, the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses are right around the corner. They can make or break candidates for the Democratic and Republican Party nominations.

Apocalypto is upon us

What message is “Apocalypto” really sending about the Native peoples of Mexico and Central America? This is but one thing we Indian people in the North must consider and question before we jump on Gibson’s bandwagon.

Justice deported

In 1947, Woody Guthrie wrote a song about the crash of a plane carrying Mexican immigrant farm workers back to the border.

EDITORIAL: Naughty and nice

In a back room of the People’s Weekly World is a group of elf computer wizards, wearing green tights and caps with bells. They’ve just finished a project that has befuddled humankind for centuries.

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