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GOP wall of resistance shows cracks on jobs bill

Five Republicans joined with Democrats to move the bill forward. But it is widely seen as far too small to significantly impact the jobless rate.


Jobs crisis spotlighted at monument built by WPA

DALLAS - At a Robert E. Lee memorial built by the New Deal's WPA government jobs program, an NAACP leader and others called for federal action on jobs.


Calif. bills would create 140,000 jobs in state

California legislators are putting jobs creation at the top of their agenda.


It’s an unemployment crisis, not a deficit crisis

Extension of jobless benefits is delayed again in the Senate, while conservatives push spending freezes and tax breaks for the rich.


Top state lawyers press Senate to OK consumer protection agency

Attorneys general from four states called on the Senate to take the side of the people not the banks by approving a bill to create a strong Consumer Financial Protection Agency.


Extend jobless benefits!

Without this extension millions of unemployed workers and families will be dropped from the rolls. Contact your senators now!

Obama takes Volcker out of freezer, turns up heat on Wall Street

A lot of folks feel the move by Obama has come not a moment too soon.


Chicago youth to Obama, Congress: We want to work!

CHICAGO - A group of African American youth and community organizers who gathered to watch the State of the Union address were most interested in what the president had to say about jobs.

Suburbs see huge growth in poverty

Over one-third of America's poor are now living outside of urban centers according to a new survey released last week.


Oregon delivers ‘tax the rich’ message

Oregon voters  sent a message to the nation yesterday, raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy to prevent cuts in education and other public services.

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