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Congressional Black Caucus to Trump: "you're disgusting."

After Trump's admission that President Obama was born in the U.S.A., members of the Caucus held a press conference saying that Trump's statement was cynical and meaningless.


Los Angeles protesters call out Trump's biggest campaign donor on affordable housing

Real estate developer Geoff Palmer has fueled and profited from the continued California foreclosure crisis.


Donald Trump: Briber in chief?

The Trump Foundation said it had given a grant to a non-political charity; actually, it had given the money to the campaign to re-elect Florida Attorney General Bondi.


Republican platform calls for destruction of workers' rights

Here's a comparison between the Democratic and Republican platforms; because the Republicans use coded, twisted language, we've included helpful translations.


Our Revolution launched, already succeeding

"We changed the conversation regarding the possibilities of our country. That is what we changed."


Billionaires ante up to keep control of House and Senate

The GOP is being urged to recognize one fact: that they all share the same goal of maintaining control of the U.S. government - with or without the presidency.


Immigration Myths vs Facts: New pamphlet published for 2016 election

Immigration has become central to the 2016 presidential election. Trump says immigrants are a threat to America. A new pamphlet hits back with facts.


Today’s photo ID laws are yesterday’s beans in a jar

"I can still recall the first time I saw what state-sanctioned discrimination looked like."


In battleground Missouri, Senate candidate Kander slams GOP rival over workers’ rights

In Missouri, GOP Sen. Roy Blunt faces a tough challenge from labor-backed Jason Kander. 


Civil rights groups fight potential Trump-inspired terrorism at the polls

Attempting to prevent Trump-inspired vigilante actions, the groups are calling for monitors to oversee balloting across the U.S.

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