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Unjust, unfair and un-American

Fight erupts to defend kids from Bush budget cuts WASHINGTON — “Unjust, unfair and un-American.” That’s how the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) describes President George W. Bush’s $2.57 trillion budget. “It provides the wealthiest Americans with more money, while cutting programs that provide critical services for our most vulnerable children.” click here for Spanish text

Red states feeling blue over attack on Social Security

When President Bush took his scheme to privatize Social Security on the road last week he came face to face with “red state” reality. “The president is trying to destroy the social safety net of our society and the people will not allow that to happen,” said Mark Froemke, a Minnesota AFL-CIO vice president, as he marched in Fargo, N.D., with hundreds of workers, active and retired, clergy and students Feb. 3.

Bush budget assailed as war on people

Radical cuts for vets, schools, health WASHINGTON — Outraged protests greeted President George W. Bush’s $2.57 trillion budget proposal, with many calling it a fraudulent, radical plan to starve spending on human needs while lavishing billions on the “greedy.” click here for Spanish text

Ending needless deaths

Reversing the 1980s Reagan/Bush (and now the new Bush) ideological drive to make health care a market commodity will require a major political struggle.

Peoples Gas gives Chicagoans cold shoulder

CHICAGO – Miriam Cienfuegos, 26, had her gas turned off illegally Jan. 20. Under Illinois law, no person should be disconnected after Dec. 1. This latest shutoff, in the midst of a record low temperature cold wave, gives more weight to growing sentiment that profits should not keep people in the cold.

Hospital VP tells packed hearing: Stock health comes first

PHILADELPHIA – When Tenet Healthcare System closed the historic Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital Dec. 18, the for-profit corporation did not ask the city or state for help or inform them of its plans because earlier notice would have affected Tenet stock market shares, Tenet Vice President in charge of Pennsylvania operations Phillip S. Schaengold testified at a Philadelphia City Council hearing.

Social Security doing just fine

You may have heard that our Social Security system is headed for trouble when the generation known as the baby boom begins to retire. You heard wrong.

$5.15 an hour doesnt pay the bills

NEW YORK – Raising the minimum wage, currently $5.15 an hour, will be the top legislative priority for this state’s Working Families Party, said Dwight Loines, political director of United Auto Workers Region 9A Community Action Program Council and executive committee member of the WFP at a press conference organized by community groups on the steps of City Hall here Jan. 29.

bushgreenwatch hits environment budget

Conservation groups accused the Bush administration of singling out environmental spending for larger cuts than other domestic programs in the year 2005 budget, putting at risk environmental and public health protections under the guise of fiscal constraints.

20,000 Marylanders say: Save Our Schools

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Holding neon light sticks in the chill darkness and placards that read “Fund Public Schools,” parents, students, teachers and other school workers marched on the State House Feb. 9 to demand that Gov. Robert Ehrlich and the Legislature deliver on their promise of $1.3 billion in state aid to Maryland’s schools.

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