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Stand Your Ground: Self-protection or vigilante justice?

A recent decision by a local judge seems to some to suggest the law is turning Florida into a modern Wild West, in which vigilante justice is the norm.


Feds to investigate killing of Trayvon Martin

Martin's family hopes that the federal government will be able to bring justice to what many around this state see as a blatantly racist miscarriage of justice.


Nation's labor leaders meet to mobilize for 2012 elections

Leaders of almost every labor union in the country are arriving here today for a special meeting of the AFL-CIO Executive Council.


Private prison proposal defeated in Florida

Breaking ranks with their GOP leadership, 10 Republican state senators voted with Democrats to defeat prison privatizing SB 2038.


Prison privatization efforts stall in Florida

Stiff opposition and a divided Florida chamber have temporarily halted a move to privatize 27 prisons in South Florida.


Romney's win spurs Florida organizing to "pink slip Mitt" in November

Candidates spent heavily on TV spots in the days leading up to the primary, fueled by lavish corporate contributions to Super PACs.


Pythons invading Everglades, hunting animals to extinction

"Last October, we found a 50-foot snake with an 80-pound doe inside it."

Voter suppression faces stiff opposition in Florida

A statement released by the Republican Party of Florida claims they are "closing the gap" on Democrats with new GOP  voter registrations. To analyze the facts properly one needs to look beyond the numbers.

Florida GOP attempts to circumvent Roe vs. Wade

Florida Rep. Charles Van Zant announced that he would move forward on his Florida for Life Act.


Marriage equality activists win victory for all families

At the Dec. 12 meeting of the Orlando City Commission, leaders voted unanimously to pass a Domestic Partner Registry.

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