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Lets pause for Utah Phillips, 1935-2008

Utah Phillips spoke directly to each of us in that filled auditorium here on April 24. It didn’t matter that it was his disembodied voice, speaking over a cell phone held up to a microphone, held aloft by Pete Seeger, one of the event’s headliners. The strength of Phillips’ message was as clear as the vitality in his tone. I was happy to be there to hear his response to our benefit concert on his behalf, happier still to witness the warm exchange between him and Seeger, another elder of fighting the good fight.

Firefighters and prescription drugs

Suppose your house is burning down with your family trapped inside. When the fire department arrives at the scene, they tell you the rescue will cost $1 million. After all, aren’t your family and your house worth the money?

Kurdish question and fruits of imperialism

An ongoing guerilla war is raging in Southeastern Turkey and Kurdish regions of U.S.-occupied Iraq. The war is led by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which since its inception in Turkey has fought for a socialist Kurdistan that would bring together oppressed Kurdish minorities from contiguous regions. As I see it, the events are a textbook case of how imperialism cynically operates to divide and exploit peoples.

McCains bottomless sewer

John McCain has repeatedly been forced to dump campaign advisers exposed as lobbyists for fascist-like regimes and transnational corporations.

Hope, change, unity, history

After 17 months and 56 primaries and caucuses, and after an unprecedented 35 million people cast their votes during the nominating process, Sen. Barack Obama became the first African American who could claim the nomination of one of the major parties for the highest office in the land.

Transit crunch may spark new vision

OAKLAND, Calif. — Just when soaring gas prices, clogged highways and deepening worries about global warming are leading Americans to abandon their cars for public transit, a budget squeeze is wrapping itself like a boa constrictor around the nation’s public transit systems.

Farmworkers win yearlong battle with Burger King

Immokalee farmworkers celebrated a landmark agreement late last month, after Burger King agreed to pay them a penny more for every pound of tomatoes they pick, to improve their working conditions and to set up a new code of conduct for growers.


Change wins

Surrounded by 30,000 cheering supporters in St. Paul, Minn., Barack Obama laid claim to the Democratic nomination for president, June 3, the first African American ever to be chosen by a major U.S. party as its presidential standard bearer.